3 Easter Hat parade ideas to make at home | EASTER DIY

Easter is coming up too quickly, which means it's easter hat parade time at schools across the land. My kids are not having a parade this year, my oldest is in high school and the youngest is in year 4, so her school does not do them for the older kids, which is a shame. 

I have noticed in a lot of shops there are pre-made hats now, I know many parents are extremely busy to help make a hat but it's still sad to see. The Easter Hat Parade is one time through the year that crafting is done in each household and a time to be creative.
Anyhoo I was going to do a tutorial for the hat above which was her year 2 hat but I have run out of time, I might still do one and convert it for a derby horse race fascinator.

Below I have found some pictures of the hats we made over the years for some Easter Hat Parade inspiration.

Above was so fun to make and not really hard and best of all it was as cheap as chips. I used an old headband, tulle, green felt for the grass, eggs & carrots, some wired butterflies and a soft rabbit from the discount store. I did hand sew all of this but if you had strong craft glue you could easily put it together without sewing.

My daughter loved this hat & still has it in her room, she got so many compliments and I loved all of the love I had gotten from the grandmas who adored it lol

You can see how to make the net and grass-felt fascinator hat part on this tutorial, add the craft wire $2 butterflies and a foam rabbit to get the above look.

This was my daughter's year 1 hat and was her entry into the largest hat group. She did not win but she didn't care as she loved the hat and it was so pretty and had a lovely crazy garden feel to it.

It was made out of cardboard which I did in a Mad Hatter style shape (my daughter was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland that year) I covered the cardboard in wrapping paper, added ribbons, some bows and lots of fake flowers into the centre of the hat. I had soft florist foam inside the hat and attached the flowers to it.

 This was my daughter's Kindergarten crown... awwww 

As it was her first year at school, she was determined to do everything herself. So I made a simple crown out of thick felt and she spent the weekend gluing craft bits and pieces I brought from the discount shop onto it. It turned out cute and she loved it because she made it.


Enjoy making your hats if you have a parade, if not you can just have your own parade and do a hat anyway 😉 


Do you create different Easter Hats each year? 
Let me know below in the comments 


  1. Omg! That rabbit in the grass hat is amazing. She looks fantastic.

  2. thanks honey, I love that one too x

  3. I'm trying to make the rabbit in the grass hat. Did you sew each strand of grass individually? Can't quite grasp what you've done from the pic x

  4. Hi Sami,

    I had some pieces of felt and cut the strands on the edge of the felt in a zigzag pattern to the end of the felt but left a space of maybe 1cm so the pieces stayed together.

    I did 1 large size zigzag and 1 shorter one for the layering and from memory one medium size zigzag for the top pokey bits.

    Once cut i folded the zigzag strip onto each other in a circle motion., I was hand sewing each layer as I went. once the grass was sewn i sewn the rabbit in.

    I hope that makes sense and you have success with your easter hat
    good luck & enjoy your weekend
    Brooke x