How to make a Sweet 16th Jukebox 1950's cake | FOOD DIY

I finally found the photos of the jukebox cake I did to match the hamburger cupcakes for a friends daughters 16th birthday party. I forgot my camera battery had died that day and I used a different camera.

Below is a quick basic photo tutorial of how I made the cake (image heavy)

As you can see it's by far not perfect and because I did not do a support layer only some dowels, the cake started dropping by the end of the day, but overall it was still somewhat of a success, the birthday girl was very happy. The cake was about 35 cm tall with jam and cream layers.

This was extremely stressful as time was against me but my lovely husband came to the rescue, carved the curve of the cake (I was sure I would stuff it up) helped me straighten it out when it was tilting to one side, helped with the jukebox details and made me lots of tea...

If I did this again I would not use the yellow, I think it would have been better pink but I ran out of pink and did not want to go to the shop again. For the silver details I used a metallic edible paint that comes with a brush (looks like a nail polish) I use that often and find it's better than a shimmer powder as I can never get the powder even.

I really wanted a neon look with the colours but the lovely ladies at the shop said no brand makes any neon colours, so I grabbed the pink and teal 

My handwriting is terrible, so ignore that lol I used an edible marker I brought from my local cake supply shop, I was not too keen on it as I had to press too hard to get a darker black which would push into the fondant. I am probably doing it wrong and maybe should have researched how to use these correctly 😂

My instructions for the cake were basically, to do whatever I like as long as it has one of her favourite bands Simple Plan, We Are Kings or 360 somewhere on the cake.
 This is what I used for the majority of the cake. I like using this Fondarific brand as it goes far and does not dry out, which gives me plenty of time to do the design and correct errors. 

My friend who is a cake artist uses a brand I am hopeless with haha So my advice to everyone is to find a product you like and that you find easy to use and stick with it.

Above are some photos my friend tagged me in on Facebook, all ready to go in the fridge lol

Not my best cake but not my worst, it looked great next to the hamburger cupcakes which made it work 😊 I was happy it was all finished and delivered on time and that afterwards, my bed was calling my name


What would your favourite band be played on the jukebox? 
Let me know below in the comments 


  1. WHOA! Brooke, that's friggin HUGE! My hat is of to you woman! First off, the sheer size of this cake is impressive but then you DETAILED it! :D lol My socks are officially rocked! So glad you took pics! A super fun compliment to those hamburger cupcakes! :D Nice job! :)

    1. haha it was huge and HEAVY!! I was scared I would drop it on the way to party lol
      Thanks so much, you are too kind oxo

  2. That cake makes me want to say "amazeballs" which ive been resisting, but this cake deserves it. As do those burger cupcakes! You are a creative marvel!

  3. This is frigging awesome! Not your best cake? You crazy lady. Be proud, I love it! :) x

  4. That looks awesome! This would have been perfect at my 21st. It was a Grease theme. I had a poodle cake instead. I'll have to find pics of some of the cakes my mum has made me. They are awesome!

  5. I'm superpsyched that you commented on my blog, I don't have a lot of english speaking readers that I know of. I'll start to translate my blog posts for you. Anyway, love your blog as well and will follow you back on Bloglovin!

  6. It looks amazing! Gosh, I don't know if I could bite it... ^^

  7. wow! you are the cake boss!

  8. HOLY CRAP! That cake is amazing. You are so talented.

  9. OMG! It looks fantastic!

  10. OMG THIS IS CRAZY!! Your a boss! This looks so professional! :O


  11. Seriously, you are so talented! This is amazing!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  12. Ok you make this look too easy! This looks amazing!

  13. That's just amazing! I wish I can do this amazing cake but it's to difficult.

  14. Hi, I stepped by just to tell you that your blog is cool!!
    Step by me if you have time, we might follow each other!

  15. great cake! almost too cute to eat! :) good job :)
    Lisa :)

  16. hey babe, your blog is so great!! I keep visiting and trying to comment but for some reason the posts don't show. I know its not in english the comment bit but I have tried all the buttons haha
    Anyway I am visiting, just bummed I can not comment now xx