How to make a Surfing Duck Easter Parade Hat | DIY

Another day, another Easter Parade Hat idea!

I few of my friends have let me know my Easter Bonnet craft tutorials are a tiny bit hard and they wanted an easier design the kids could even make (well with parent's help) So introducing the Surfing Ducks Easter Parade Fascinator, an adorable design for Preschool and Infant aged primary school children.
This design is under $10 & everything was brought from the discount shops, except my fabulous sharp scissors pictured, but I promise you that you can use any old scissors that are shoved in your kitchen draw for this one 😊

  • Headband
  • Blue Clear Cello wrap sheets
  • Blue shredded craft tinsel stuff, not sure what its name is but it's always around at Easter time.
  • Small Rubber Ducks
  • Glitter foam or Thick cardboard for the surfboards
  • Little fake foam Easter Eggs
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

1| Cut your foam or cardstock into a circle, approx 15 cm wide and cut 4 slits into it, a little bit longer than the thickness of your headband. Slide on to the headband and glue in place.

2| Cut your Cello wrap into a long strip.

3| With your Cello, fold it over on one edge, in about 2 cm sections. Continue this & staple as you go. While you are folding, you need to start moving your folds to form a circle, so the cello starts forming a bowl-like circle shape. The Cello is fragile so do this part gently and slowly.

4| Place the centre of the Cello on the centre of the foam circle base and staple to it. Make sure you have the nicest and fullest clear part at the front where the face will be.

5| Glue the shredded tinsel to the middle, right on top & cover the staples.

6| Cut out some surfboards from your foam or cardstock. You can figure out what size you need by measuring next to your Ducks. You can skip the surfboards if you want the ducks just swimming in the water. I added the surfboards so I could add the mini foam Easter Eggs. I didn't think eggs floating in the water worked and let's be honest, duck surfing is so much cooler!

7| Glue your surfboards to the fake water.
I placed the headband on my head to figure out the placement of the surfboards and ducks before I glued it.

8| Glue the Ducks on the Surfboard and water
9| Glue the eggs onto the boards

10| Once completely dry, cut the cello at the bottom edge to suit your child's face. I did a wavy line around the edge but the straight line also looked fine. But remember Cello wrap is delicate so be gentle and take your time cutting.

And you are finished!!! The end result is a super-duper Ducklicious Easter Parade hat that is bright, the kids will love and are sure to grab the judge's attention 😊

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

Happy crafting!

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