How to make a Pretty Birds Nest Easter Parade Hat, full Picture Tutorial

Have I ever told you I love Easter Hat parades? Everything about them, making the hats, seeing the joy on the children's faces, the creativity and imagination of the makers, basically everything!

I don't care if the hats are made from a strip of cardboard or taken 2 weeks to make, they are all wonderful and you know why? Because it gets adults and kids working together and creating something from their hands they are proud of, the kids are excited to show off the designs at school and it creates warm memories for years... awwww

Anyway, let's get back to creating your own Easter Hat. I have daughters so have always done pretty & girly hat designs, you may remember this fascinator hat I posted before, I have taken that one as inspiration and decided to create some new DIY designs that aren't as hard as the original post and anyone with basic craft skills can do.

Basic Supplies Needed for this Easter Craft Project

  • Craft glue $4
  • Wide Headband $1
  • Tulle
   I used a new $2 net puff shower loafer sponge, I just unstitched it, easier and cheaper than going to your fabric store
  • Soft tree branches from your local park or garden. FREE
  Cut them off a tree but only do a tree that's big and established and won't be ruined by cutting it
  • Small hard branches that have fallen off a tree FREE
  • A packet of foam eggs is $5
  • Premade bird or make your own $3
  • Small piece of felt or foam $1
  • Needle and thread or a Stapler 
  • Thin Wire, I used Jewellery wire
Extra Supplies if you require extra sparkle
Use none, all or add your own accessories to make unique
  • Sequins $2
  • Wire butterflies $2
  • Fake flowers
  • Stick on gems
  • Spray paint, I used white gloss
Everything I used was from a dollar discount store, even the glue, excluding the pastel Foam eggs which were from Big W Australia, the discount store did not have a huge range of Easter craft supplies yet but I am sure once this is published they will have them in stock. The Big W ones are so pretty though and the perfect size for my hat.

Step 1
Collect your branches to use for the nest.
You do not have to have the exact tree branch I have, you could have ones with full leaves on it or just the bare branches, whatever you can find.

Once collected, mould & shape your soft branches into a circle slowly. As you start to bend the branches use your hot glue gun to keep them together and wire to keep them in place. 

Once the basic circle is achieved in the desired size, you can secure more with wire or needle and thread by wrapping around the edge. You can see in the last picture I have used green thread to wrap around the edge of the nest.

You do not need to do a bottom for the base of the bird's nest as once placed on the hat you won't see the bottom, so don't create more work than you need to 😋

Step 2
Spray the bird's nest and branches.
This will create a coating for the branches and make them hard and secure. Do this if you collected soft green branches like I did or you can skip this step if you want the branches natural looking.
Let nest dry overnight

Step 3
Cut your craft foam/felt into a circle the same size as the base of your nest. Cut 4 slits the width of your headband and glue it to the side so will sit on the side of the head.

Step 4
With your tulle net, cut into strips.
Size depends on how much you would like over the face. once you decide how long you would like it, double the length and cut 3 to 4 pieces.
Step 5
Fold in half and with an elastic band or safety pin, secure in a bunch at the open end.

Step 6
Pin or staple in the centre and start repeating around the base to create your net to look like a fascinator, you can make it as full or simple here as you like. 

I wanted the volume so pinned to be full and hand-stitched afterwards, removing pins as I went. I would have stapled it as it's a LOT easier and faster but of course, the kids pinched the stapler so I couldn't find it anywhere haha but trust me to use a stapler for less work.

You can see where I have stitched it, you can staple it instead

Step 7
Glue the Birds Nest to the base. I found I couldn't work fast enough with the hot glue gun so I used the basic clear strong craft glue and put heaps of it on the bottom of the nest and once in place, secured with hair clips and pegs to let dry. If you are finding your glue isn't strong enough, you can hand stitch on to the base but I did not have to do this.

Ignore my dog, she likes to get in the way and investigate my latest craft projects haha

Step 8 
Get your loose branches and stick through the nest to create some added volume. Just make sure the branches are not sticking out too much, cut to make it shorter if needed. Remember it is a school hat parade, we don't want any kid's eyes poked out from huge branches sticking out everywhere haha

Once you are happy with the loose branch's placement, glue the branches in place.

I tested the placement of the nest, branches, bird and eggs by checking the design in the mirror while on my head.

Step 9
Get your foam eggs, figure out your colour pattern and glue on to the nest. I had no trouble gluing to the net and inside of the nest. I left a space where I wanted to place the bird

Step 10
Make your bird and glue on onto an egg
Or buy a premade bird and glue.
I could not find any premade craft birds, so I made this one (takes a few mins, kids can help you make the bird which gets the children involved and feel a part of the process)

This is where you can add some bling and sparkle but not necessary to get the look. If there is an opportunity to go one step more and be extra, I will do it haha why not? Life's too short to not be extraordinary.

Step 11
- Wrap your wired butterflies around the side of nest and glue where you can not see to secure
- Glue some sequins on the net randomly

RESULTS are a very pretty and cost-effective Spring Easter Birds Nest Fascinator you are proud of, the kids don't ever want to take off and I am sure will win the hearts of everyone who sees the parade.

Birds Nest Easter Hat Fascinator modelled by my beautiful niece 
Video of my niece enjoying modelling on my Instagram and Facebook

Happy Easter!  
I would love to see your Easter Parade Hat creations,
Hashtag #nowthatspeachy or tag me @nowthatspeachy on socials

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  1. what a fabulous easter fascinator for a very beautiful easter child