How to make stunning Easter Parade floral Hat for under $10 | DIY

Do you need a quick, easy & cheap Easter Bonnet Hat for the school Parade but do not want it to look bland? You want a style that's fashionable right? Then this floral headpiece design is for you, and any young girl will love it! It's actually so beautiful that an adult could wear it to the spring horse races by just not adding the rabbit or eggs.

You will not believe how easy this tutorial is, there is no glue required and you can reuse the flowers for home decor and the headband for normal use. This How To Make Bonnet can also be made by older kids and will not take very long to make, especially the night before when the kids remind you it's tomorrow, you have nothing in the house and Kmart is open till midnight HAHA

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Supplies Needed for this DIY Easter Floral Headpiece

  • Mini Artificial Bouquet of Posies, available in white or purple tones
$5 Kmart Australia
  • Easter Egg flower Picks
$2 The Base Warehouse
  • Wide strong Headband, we used an old one that was in the cupboard.
$2 Discount shop
  • Rubber Elastic bands $1

Kmart also has small bunches of Roses and Peonies. But the posies bunch has more foliage that works better for this look.

If you can not get the Easter egg rabbit to pick I used, you can find similar ones in all the discount shops, Kmart, Big W. Target etc As long as the picks are on wire, they will work well with this design.


Place the headband on your head and move around the floral bunch of flowers to see where they will best sit on the head. Mark the headband where it will go and remember which way will be the front of the flowers. Once you have the flowers in the spot you like, slide your Easter pick under stems to see where they will sit, then also mark where you will secure them.

Bend the wire stems of the faux flowers and the Easter Pick to the shape of the headband, this will make the flowers sit flush and neatly to the headband.

With your Egg & Bunny pick, place it on the headband where you marked the position and tie it tightly with your rubber bands.

Place flowers on the headband where you marked it, which should be on top of your Easter pick and tie your rubber bands tightly around the base of the flowers and at the bottom of the stems.

Move around the wire stems of flowers and picks to make it look full, and even, cover the rubber bands and make it as pretty as can be. And you are finished! We added some small ribbon to cover the rubber bands but it is not needed as the bottom band is hidden by the ear and the other ones have the flowers and picks over them.

Once the School Easter Hat Parade is finished, you can cut the rubber bands and reuse your flowers and headband.

This beautiful floral design is also great for the school & preschool teachers who like to get involved but doesn't want to have a huge cardboard hat on their head and is affordable. Teachers want to look lux and fashionable too. We all know teachers spend a lot of their own money on their classroom and school activities, so keeping costs down is important.

Hope you all love this floral DIY design, can you believe it is under $10? No one would ever know and your child will not want to take this one off.

Happy Easter! 

Easter hat bonnet DIY tutorial cheap and affordable how to make

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