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Vintage buttercream style cakes have been gaining popularity since 2021. You may have seen them featured on cool social media accounts, online magazines and blogs but have no idea how to find a local cake artist to make one for you.

I have put together a list of some of these cult kitsch cake designers from around the world and some pictures to maybe even inspire you to make your own piping cakes.

Growing up my Nan would make cakes similar to these styles for my 3 sisters and me. These buttercream piping cakes were featured in the weekly women's magazines and be featured in books and catalogues by Wilton, teaching people around the world how to use their piping tools.

Today these cakes have had a revamp with modern pastel colours, and catchy words on top and by elevating the kitsch factor, the more clashing the colours, the better!


Vintage cakes are made with buttercream frosting using traditional piping techniques that your Gran used to make. Think buttercream swirls, lace, basketweave and frills. Mix it all together in a variety of colours, patterns and shapes and you get this delightful on-trend current style.

Today these cakes are a mix of different cultures and styles. You can see they are influenced by Kawaii artists from Japan and Korea, retro 70's cake designs, Goth Punk and they even have a vintage Victorian feel to them, which I LOVE.
Above is an original heart cake which is the inspiration for today's styles. Find more original Wilton cake designs on @vintagewiltoncakes

Top 21 Vintage Piping Cake Creators you need to follow

In this post, you will find inspiration from some talented cake designers that are making Instagram-worthy cakes that are too adorable for words. This list will inspire you to make your own versions and follow some new cool creators on Instagram to make them for you. Below is a guide in 11 cake styles featuring 50 vintage buttercream piped cakes to lust after.

1. Mini Vintage Buttercream Cakes

Let's be honest, anything Mini is good. But imagine giving one of the cutest tiny piped cakes to your bestie to cheer them up on a bad day. 
Pink & Red colour tone ruffles and swirl frosting on this mini vintage cake by @riso_cake
Two cute mini round pastel cakes next to a traditional vintage heart cake by @aprilsbakerlondon
Adorable bento-style mini vintage cakes by @babypalmcakes

2. Kitschy Word Piping Cakes

Nothing sends a better message than a word cake. Whether it be funny, crude or plain silly, word cakes make any cake go from drab to fab!
'MEH' Word mint & pink pastel cherry vintage cake by @bakesby.olivia
'CHERRY BOMB' Pink & white sweet vintage cake by @babypalmcakes
Heartbreak calls for cake! Vintage heart buttercream design by @aprilsbakerlondon

3. Tiered Wedding Buttercream Cakes

Wedding cakes no longer need to be the same as everyone else's. Sure naked cakes are still stunning and are beautiful for a Boho-style wedding but it's time to embrace this new vintage cake design trend and maybe even use these designs to base your whole wedding aesthetic around. 
Aqua & pink tiered layer vintage cake with cute gold bows by @lily_vanilli_cake
Heart tier wedding vintage cake design by @aprilsbakerlondon
Classic cream vintage piping wedding cake by @apriltrees.studio

5. Black Buttercream Cakes

I love anything black. I don't know why but if it's black it is just better. Just like these buttercream vintage-inspired cakes. The black adds some goth, class and coolness that not many other colours can achieve.
Solid black vintage Heart cake by @babypalmcakes
Black with white buttercream round vintage cake @happy_starry_day
Barbed wire + Playboy Bunny heart vintage cake by @harlequinholiday

6. Kawaii Themed Frosting Cakes

Mixing Kawaii symbols with traditional-style vintage cakes creates a super happy design that everyone will lust after. The more over the top the design the better.
Vintage buttercream mixed with kawaii figures and symbols by @juujuucake
Pastel purple, pink & white sheep kawaii vintage cake by @happy_starry_day
Kawaii Heart & bunny vintage buttercream piped cake by @aprilsbakerlondon

7. Totally Kitsch Colour Clashing Cakes

Bold, Bright and over the top is how I would describe these delightfully vintage piped cakes. Who wants minimalist when you can have Kitschy AF
Teal & pink heart cherry design vintage cake by @coven_bakery
Yellow, green & purple Colourful vintage buttercream cake by @bakesby.olivia
Orange, purple and green muted vintage colour tones with traditional retro piping by @bakesby.olivia

8. Nothing but Pastels Vintage Cakes

Pastels will always be in fashion and will never go away. But who wants it to? Not me. Mixing different shades of pastel buttercream and piping techniques create these pretty desserts.
Pretty 2 tier vintage pastel cake by @minusboutique18
Layers of ruffles and retro piping designs in pastel colours by @thepalmsbakery
Peach and mauve tones with a hint of blue in this vintage cake set by @the_heartbaker

9. Vintage Buttercream Shape Cakes 

Why have a classic round cake when you can have a coffin one? Well maybe not everyone wants a coffin shape but a moon shape.... A MOON!!!!!
Buffy Coffin shape vintage buttercream cake by @noonchi_cake
Luna Goth moon vintage buttercream piping cake by @noonchi_cake
Horseshoe in cream and brown frosting hues vintage wedding cake by @noonchi_cake

10. Solid Colour Vintage Piped Cakes 

Solid colour vintage cakes really show the detail and how skilled the cake designer is. Anyone who can make a block colour cake that looks this good is a true artist and deserves all the praise in the world. These may not be for the beginner DIY cake decorator.
Traditional vintage buttercream piping cake in a solid green by @thepalmsbakery
Pastel Angel vintage buttercream cakes by @lily_vanilli_cake
White frosting initial vintage cake by @lily_vanilli_cake

10. Retro Vintage Piped Cakes 

Although this style is already retro, you can always ramp it up by using traditional buttercream colours which add a real warmth and vibe that your guests will adore.
70's Retro orange flower Vinatge Cake by @horoscopecakes
Traditional rectangle piped vintage buttercream cake by @partygirlbakeclub
Adorable green and cherry mini vintage cake by @burns.in.helll

11. Themed & Cool Vintage Buttercream Cakes 

I could not complete this list without adding some of my favourite themed buttercream cakes. These artists mix the traditional piping cake decorating techniques with the look and edge of the youth of today.
Alien buttercream piping cake by @pinkdishco
Melody x Kuromi buttercream cake by @myloveatfirstbite
Heart Clown vintage-inspired cake by @pompomsisterskl


Adorable green and pink layered frosting cake by @samanthacanbake

Celebrations you will want these vintage cakes for!

These delightful Buttercream cakes can be made for many occasions and in different sizes. They are the perfect cake for Teens, College students and young adults who want a trendy cake and are looking for something different and fun.

DIY or buy these cakes for
  1. Birthdays
  2. Break-ups
  3. Weddings
  4. Girls Nights
  5. Graduations
  6. End of lockdown parties
  7. Valentines day
  8. Anniversaries
  9. BFF Day
  10. To cheer up anyone who is frowning
What Vintage cake is your favourite?

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