DIY Easter Egg headband for School Hat Parades | Easy TUTORIAL

It's that time of the year again to start thinking about what hat to make for this year's School Easter Hat Parade. A beautiful egg wreath gave some inspiration for a peacock tail styled design. 

I have to say, it turned out spectacular, pictures do not do this design justice!

Although this design may not be great for children who love to run around, as we don't want any eyes poked out of fellow students 😂 it is still a great unique design for the calmer kids and all the beautiful teachers who like to get involved in the parades.

This Tutorial is not too time-consuming and an easy affordable DIY, but one for the parents and adults to do as there are lots of wires involved

  • Foam Bunny Rabbits $4
  • Egg Wired Wreath $15
  • Strong Bunny Ears Headband $4
  • Glue Gun or strong craft glue
All the supplies used were from Big W in Australia, but you should be able to find these in most shops. I have also purchased the wired eggs on single strands from discount bargain cheap stores this year if you can not find the wreath (it is not on the Big W website, bought in-store) This is not a sponsored post 

How to Make a Girl's Peacock style EGG Easter Headband for School Hat Parades 

Affordable easy TUTORIAL for parents to DIY


Take your wreath and unwrap the wired egg strands off the circle base. You can use pliers but they are not needed

Take your egg strands and wrap them around the edge of the headband tightly, making sure you leave gaps for the bunnies and space for the ears. When wrapping ensure the strands are pointing outwards and the wire at the base is not sticking out. You don't want wire sticking in your child's head.

Glue your Bunny Rabbits in the gaps on the headband. I used a low heat glue gun in case the foam melted but it had no signs of damage so I think a normal heat gun would be fine, test a spare rabbit if you are not sure.

If the end of your strands is flopping a little, tie the end of the wires to the strand next to it so they are joined and secure.
Any little girl or older girl would be so proud to wear this in their school Easter Parade. The pretty pastel eggs and bunnies add some charm, while the sequin rabbit ears add the bling to an Easter Bonnet Parade. The photos do not show how pink the sequins are, very cloudy day for photos, unfortunately.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Happy crafting!

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  1. Tried this it was really quite easy. Thanks for the great tutorial