FREE Nappy Card template | EASY PAPER DIY

Introducing a little nappy / diaper card template which is easy to make and will be the perfect addition to all your baby shower DIYs and gift-giving.
Make these nappy cards to add to baby shower gifts, Gender Reveal party decor, and invitations for your baby shower and get creative making games for each occasion.

I experimented with the design around for a little while, cut and re-cut some designs and ended up with this one, it's quite adorable and I will definitely make more. I like the touch of ribbon but I think you could add real safety pins which would be super cute too or tape it down like the top photo.
Above is a free template that you can print and use. The white lines are the fold marks and the dots are where to place your first lot of holes using a hole punch. Print at 100% for a card

Supplies to make your own Nappy Shaped Cards
  • Cardboard A4 sheet
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or Tape
  • Printer

How to make your Baby nappy card

  • Print, cut & fold
  • Unfold and punch holes
  • After you do the first holes, refold and mark with a pencil where your next holes need to be and punch holes again.
  • Put a ribbon through the holes and tie it into a bow 
You could put a tiny dab of glue on the ribbon which would sit on the inside of the card. If you do not want to use ribbon, you can use some thin washi craft tape.

If you do not want your card blue, just print it and use it as a template by cutting it out on your own card stock. If you want an inside colour like I have, just cut the middle section out of your desired colour and glue it in. Pink Template available on the bottom of the page

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This is an easy DIY project for everyone, Enjoy!!!!

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  1. Brooke! This is about the cutest little DIY I've ever seen. My friend is about to pop so I'm definitely genna do this cutout and send her way with some well wishes! Thank you!!!!

    And thank you soso much for the birthday wishes on my blog :) Have a great day, doll!

Holly Foxen Wells


  2. Super cute! Actually I'm trying to create something for my wedding... the baby shower has to wait :P

    1. hehe but wedding sounds super exciting!!! post lots of updates as I love wedding plans xx

  3. That's an adorable idea! too bad I just sent a baby gift and card already. Next time maybe I will use this idea, so creative :P


    1. that always happens to me, I see something after I have already complete gift lol next time :)