How to make Marshmallow Dummy Treats | Easy Baby Shower Party DIY Pt 3



Introducing the Marshmallow Dummy as Part 3 of our BABY SHOWER MARSHMALLOW treats series. These are so adorable and a must-have for any Baby Shower party or Gender Reveal event. 

This DIY is EASY, Quick and Cheap!! Any new Mum, Aunty, Best Friend, Host or Grandma can make these for the big day. Mix them with the Marshmallow Baby Bottles & Nappies for full impact.

Instructions on how to make Marshmallow Baby Shower Pacifier Dummies 

DIY Supplies
  • White Jumbo Marshmallows
  • Pink Mini Marshmallows
  • Pink Standard size Marshmallows
  • Wooden Kebab food sticks if not standing on a platter/plate

Marshmallow Baby Nappy Tutorial

  • Slice the Jumbo Marshmallow to make a 1.5cm thick flat oval shape
  • Squeeze the Jumbo Marshmallow in the centre to make the shape of a Dummy
  • Cut a pink Mini Marshmallow to create a little knob which will be the centre of the dummy handle
Scissors will give you a cleaner cut than a knife
  • Stick the pink mini marshmallow to the front of the jumbo Marshmallow. Use the sticky side of the pink marshmallow to glue together. Do this straight away before the marshmallow dries out
  • Slice a standard size pink Marshmallow in 3 sections to make an oval shape
  • Starting from the centre of the widest part of the oval, cut around the edge thin enough to make the dummy handle
  • Stick the handle onto the white jumbo Marshmallow with the ends meeting the dummy knob in the centre
  • Place the kebab stick through the bottom, exactly through the centre. If you are placing on a party platter or plate, you do not need to use the kebab stick. These pacifiers will stand up as long as you have cut the jumbo marshmallow thick enough

Repeat and make in bulk for an impactful and amazingly cute dessert table.

I made a Baby Bouquet with the marshmallow treats sticking out of a pot, but these stand up easily without the stick and look great in rows on a square plate. 

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What is your favourite food to serve at a Baby Shower? 
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Stay smiling & DIYing