How to make Marshmallow Baby Nappy Treats | Easy Shower Party DIY Pt 2



As promised, here is Part 2 of our BABY SHOWER MARSHMALLOW treats series. Nappies what we call them here in Australia or Diapers for some places in the rest of the world are just a must-have for any Baby Shower party or Gender Reveal event. 

This DIY is EASY, Quick and Cheap!! Any new Mum, Aunty, Best Friend, Host or Grandma can make these for the big day. Mix them with the Marshmallow Baby Bottles & Dummies for full impact.

Instructions on how to make Marshmallow Baby Shower Bottle treats 

DIY Supplies
  • White Jumbo Marshmallows
  • Pink mini Marshmallows
  • Kebab sticks if not standing on a platter/plate
  • Scissors & a sharp Knife

Marshmallow Baby Nappy Tutorial

Select 1 Jumbo Marshmallow & 1 Mini pink marshmallow
  • Cut the Jumbo Marshmallow on an angle on each bottom corner, into the shape of a diaper nappy
Scissors will give you a cleaner cut than a knife

  • With a sharp knife, carefully and softly cut into the front sides on the marshmallow creating a fake nappy seam
  • Cut the mini marshmallow into little strips and stick on to the nappy, with the sticky side down. This will naturally glue it to the jumbo marshmallow. Cut and stick straight away so the pink marshmallow does not dry out. If you can not get to stick, you can use some water or icing to glue it together

Repeat and make in bulk for total desert table impact.
If you have time and want to add extra detail you can add little bows in blue for baby boy gender reveal parties, Yellow/Mint green for neutral baby colours or keep pink for baby girls.

I have set up a bouquet style desert look sticking out of a pot, but these stand up easily without the stick and look great in rows on a square plate. They will stand up easily as long as you do not cut the diaper leg holes too close together.
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What are you looking forward to the most at your Baby Shower? Let me know below in the comments 

Stay smiling & DIYing

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