Pimp your high heels on a budget with Shoe Clips | EASY DIY

Do you have an outfit that requires your shoes to be extra? Same!

So I have made a tutorial on how to dress up your plain shoes on a budget. No boring shoes anymore
Now if you are like me who always buys new shows just because they look pretty with a cute fancy bow on the front then this little craft project may save your bank account.

I came up with this idea when I was putting hair-bows away and thought how awesome one of them would look on my heels. I came up with this little fashion-style DIY after lots of brainstorming for an easy way to make this happen.


Supplies you need
  • - paper-clips
  • - scrap fabric
  • - felt & glue for embellishments
  • - button, needle & thread
  • - soft masking tape

Steps to make the shoe clip

Starting with a plain paper clip unfold and bend it to the same size as the smaller part of the clip. Follow the pictures above. You can use some pliers if it is too hard to do with your hands. Your top part of the heart-opening needs to be the same size as your buttons (I will tell you why in the next section of the tutorial)

Once the paper clip looks like a heart, then cut and fold your tape around the middle section, enough to keep the metal from sticking to your skin.

Steps to making your shoe embellishments

Below is how I made some comic embellishments but you can do the same thing for little bows or frills, whatever you want really as long as you add the buttons to the back 

Find some scrap fabric you love that will match the look you are after.

Cut the same shape for each shoe in both the fabric and some felt. I think some dotted red fabric cut in the shapes of hearts would be super cute, I must put that on my to-do list

Sew on your small buttons to the felt. The button should be placed approx in the middle, have a look at the shoe before you sew it on to make sure the paper clip will be hidden.

Glue the fabric to the felt using craft or fabric glue.

Test that the button slides in the paper clip easily. The top opening of the clip should be the same size as your button so you can slide the shoe embellishment on and off easily.

The paper clip should slide on the front of the shoe easily with the button sliding in. On my shoes, the paper clip did not dig into my foot and was comfortable but maybe test the clip on your shoes while wearing them and don't use it on tight-fitting shoes

 Have fun with this tutorial girls and get creative with it 



  1. Super cool!

  2. Brooke! Seriously, you are the cutest! This DIY is adorable!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  3. Great idea, looks funny :)

    Ina :*

  4. great idea! I will try it out! :)


  5. thanks everyone, you are all awesome!!!

  6. Awesome idea! Shall have to pin this to my DIY pinterest board - people need to see this! :D Great job Brooke!