Roller Derby baby skate gear gift | DIY INSPO

The last few days I have been finishing off these roller derby baby gifts for a friend, you may remember a few days ago I was having a breakdown on figuring out how to make some small skate wheels.... well I ended up buying some buttons and sewing them on. Not what I wanted but better than losing more hair over it 😁

Below are more images and details of what I made.
Left is the final result of the roller derby skate booties 

My sister said they look like mini Bont skate boots, I was pretty happy with that compliment 😃 as they must look like skates, not little cars like I thought lol

I added elastic in the back of the baby bootie and they can be untied all the way down the front to get the babies foot in easy. I made these out of black vinyl, blue cotton fabric for lining, foam board insole and buttons for the wheels.

I decided to do 2 sets of bibs with matching nappy/diaper cover shorts, one with the jammer theme and one for the blockers.

I could not find any good short quotes for derby babies so I made up these
  • "LETS JAM"
  • "JAM ON"
  The bibs are made from plain blue & leopard cotton with the back of a soft black jersey.  I hand-printed the words using screen printing ink and a handmade stencil.

I also made some last-minute knee pads to complete the look. Seriously how cute are they? I think every crawling baby needs some kneepads to protect their clothing and save us mums, from scrubbing dirty knees 😁

I wish I had time to figure out a pattern for a helmet bonnet but I just didn't so that's on my to-do list to try next time.

I have to say I enjoyed doing this sewing project, even after all the stress of creating the roller skates pattern and finding real-looking wheels. I am sure the mum-to-be will be happy with her little gift.

Tomorrow morning I will make a little nappy card and sew on the velcro for the bibs before the baby shower. 

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, enjoy it & craft on!

Do you know a Mum who would love these? 
Let me know below in the comments 

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  1. They look fantastic! Glad the buttons worked!

  2. These are fantastic - a great change from the usual baby designs I see. And the boots - genius. :) x
    PS Thanks for your comments on my blog - just popped over to say hello.

  3. The roller boot-ies are absolutely fabulous! They look great!

  4. These are amazing. How did you make the skates? Did you have a pattern or did you just create these on your own?!! I am so impressed!! How much would you charge for these? I would love to chat with you about these and your bibs and diaper covers. They ROCK!! Please find me on Etsy: DerbyBabyDerbyBliss so that we can talk.

    1. I made my own pattern, took me a few days to figure out :)
      I do not have time to make any more this year so I will not be selling any sorry. Thanks :)

  5. omg these are super cute! I love those little skates. What an awesome present.

  6. Love these. Would you be offended if I tried to make some of them? I have 2 local derby friends having babies soon. I know I can do the bibs/panties. But would love if you could share the pattern for the booties. they are both due in the next 3-4 months.

  7. Hi Sharon, sorry I just seen your post.
    I don't know where I put the pattern I made. If you could find a basic baby shoe pattern (pinterest have some links) and just cut the font panel in half for the lace's part, that should work x

  8. Do you have time to make them. I'd love to buy a set in black and red. Please email me at

  9. I am SUPER interested in this for a friend! How much? Please email me

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest in purchasing, sorry I do not have the time to make them or do custom orders. Thanks for visiting & have a great week :)