How to make Marshmallow Baby Bottle Treats | Easy Shower Party DIY Pt 1



Marshmallows are a treat that everyone likes, they are affordable, delicious and you can get creative with them for parties or events. Normally mostly used for kid's parties, I thought I would create some dessert table treats for Baby Showers or Gender Reveal parties that are EASY, Quick and Cheap!!

I have created 3 different treats for you to make at home for your babies arrival event, a Baby Bottle, a Nappy and a Dummy. Due to the number of instructional photos, there will be 3 parts in this series. Part 1 is the Baby Bottle!

Instructions on how to make Marshmallow Baby Shower Bottle treats 

DIY Supplies
  • White Jumbo Marshmallows
  • Pink & White standard size Marshmallows
  • White mini Marshmallows
  • Kebab sticks if not standing on a platter/plate

Marshmallow Baby Bottle Tutorial

Select 1 Jumbo Marshmallow, 1 Standard white & pink Marshmallow & 1 Mini white marshmallow
  • Cut the white standard marshmallow into 3 sections, across ways with scissors 
  • Cut the pink standard marshmallow into 2 sections, across ways with scissors
    Scissors will give you a cleaner cut than a knife
  • Starting with your jumbo marshmallow, push all the way through the centre, from the bottom.
  • Over the top of the white, add a pink-cut marshmallow with the sticky bottom joining the white one.
  • Now do the same with your white standard marshmallow, sticky side to the bottom.
  • Add your mini marshmallow, hiding the kebab stick. If you are not using a stick, you can stick the mini marshmallow to the top with water or icing.
  • Repeat to make in bulk

That is it, so easy and quick to make. If you have time and want to add extra detail you can add some icing on the side to represent the mills on the bottle or little bows in blue for gender reveal parties.

If you would like blue bottle tops for baby boy parties or Yellow/Mint green for neutral baby colours, then you could use fondant or icing to create those colours. I have never seen other coloured Marshmallows, but maybe they are available in some magical place in this world.

I have set up a bouquet-style desert look sticking out of a pot, but these stand up easily without the stick and look great in rows on a square plate.
You can view the rest of the Baby Shower treats below
Part 2 Marshmallow Baby Diaper Nappies 
Part 3 Marshmallow Baby Pacifier Dummies

How would you use these Baby Bottles?
Let me know below in the comments 

Stay safe & smiling

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