Cute Baby Gender Nappy Reveals | FREE DIY Printable

Mini Nappy Surprise Reveal

Our cute & easy free Paper Nappy Invitation has inspired a Gender Reveal like no other. Baby Shower guests can open to reveal your baby's gender. Your families and friends can find either the gender of the baby or a dirty diaper emoji. 💩

These can be used at Baby Showers or Gender Reveal Parties where guest chooses & guess the gender nappy colour at the beginning of the celebration. At the end of the party, all can be revealed and guests can win a prize. You can also glue little badge pinbacks so guests can wear them.

If you are currently in a country in COVID-19 lockdown, these are also the perfect mini card you can pop into a little envelope and post to your family and friends or pop in their letterbox. There are lots of new Mums To Be at the moment, and lots of quarantine isolation babies coming this year, very exciting!

- Pink & Blue Paper or Cardstock
- Printer
- Scissors
- Printed washi tape, we used gold glitter sparkle tape


  1. Print your free template A4 size. The FREE Gender Reveal Printable Nappy Diaper template can be saved at the bottom of this post
  2. Cut the nappy/diaper template
  3. Fold up the bottom of the nappy and then fold down the corners over the top
  4. Tape down the sides of the nappy with cute washi tape

For Baby Gender games these mini diaper nappies can have a badge pin backing attached to them with glue or attached to mini-coloured baby pegs on a necklace so guests can wear them. 
How adorable is this Teddy Bear Gender Reveal Party set up with a pastel balloon garland and Teddy Bears Picnic-themed dessert food table by OH GOSH PARTIES . Thanks for featuring these mini Nappy reveals and our Gender Reveal Chip Packet printables.

Please do not use this template for profit, this is a free template for personal use only. Unfortunately, the original Nappy Card template has been used for sale too many times to count, which is disappointing. 

Do not change this template to a cutting machine file for sale, I have a cutting machine and could easily sell my templates but choose to offer them to the crafting community for free and in printable form for everyone without a machine to use. Thank you.

Happy creating!  

Print on A4 size Paper for mini-sized Paper Nappies Right-click to save

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