Galaxy Designer leggings tutorial | FASHION DIY

Do you need those designer leggings that look like a space galaxy but just can't justify paying over $100 for? Then this is the Tutorial for you!!

DIY Galaxy leggings tights tutorial finished print design

For my first effort at trying to get this effect, I think I almost got it. I have seen a couple of DIY Galaxy tights online but I didn't think they achieved the right look. So experimentation was in order :) 

I have not used bleach like other tutorials, I am not even sure bleach would work well on these shiny wet-looking leggings and black always goes orangish when bleached so I wanted to avoid that.

Above is the finished result. I think I may add a little bit larger stars/spots but for now, they are still rocking.

Below is a basic picture tutorial on what I did to get this designer look, click to make it bigger as for some reason blogger won't let me fucking get the picture full size 

I have also taken a video but I do not have time to edit and upload it tonight so I will try to post it tomorrow. Detailed instructions are also below.

I watched this YouTube video for inspiration and basic tips.


Supplies needed
  • Plastic food wrap
  • Gloves
  • Shiny Black leggings
These were $12 from a retail chain
  • Spray paint - Chrome, Pink, Purple and Dark Blue
I used cheap enamel spray paint from a discount shop, 3 cans for $10. This will not wash out if dried completely. If you have fabric spray paint you could use that but at $15 a can here in Australia you might as well just buy the leggings pre-made 😂
  • A friend to wear the leggings
I used my daughter as they were for her after all

Total cost =approx $25
Saves you approx 100 BUCKS!!! 

UPDATE  Video tutorial here

1/ Get your shit together and ready to create magic

2/ Plastic wrap legs, feet and stomach!

This sounds very odd but if you want the galaxy print to flow all around your body then it is easier to spray while someone is wearing the tights and you do not want to get the spray paint going through the fabric and onto the skin, you would never get it off and would be walking around with galaxy skin for a while 😅

Wrapping a body in plastic will also make you look gross, and have a flat bumpy bum and lumpy-looking legs but no one can see you, so who cares right?

An alternative to wearing them would be to put the tights on some type of tube to create fake legs but I couldn't be bothered with figuring that out so I stuck with plastic food wrap legs 😉 If you do not care about the design flowing then just spray flat on the ground.

3/ Put your gloves on and using your PURPLE spray start creating a soft pattern on different sections of the legs, not spraying fully but enough to make the leggings look patchy. Go all the way around, front and back, continuing the blotchy pattern in sections. Do not do it all over as you still want the black showing. You will only be able to see the purple at this point. Look at the picture to see that you do not spray all over the tights.

Now do the same with the Pink but put more paint on it so it's brighter but leave some purple sections not covered as you want the colour to have depth.

4/ Now again do the same with the blue & again less spraying so you can see the underneath colours but enough to get the brightness of the blue. Still do this blotchy and not perfect sprays all the way around.

5/ Time for the chrome silver highlights to make it pop!! You can use a white spray instead but I wanted the stars to be shiny like stars so went with the chrome.

Before I sprayed any silver onto the leggings I sprayed silver into my hand and flicked my fingers to create the stars

After getting enough silver spots I sprayed them in different sections of the silver, not too much though! if you want more light sections then do more but I didn't want to do too much in case I stuffed up the other layers.

After I did the chrome I lightly blended it in with some more pink and blue but this step isn't needed if you are happy already with the look of them

6/ Carefully take the leggings off and hang them to dry. Wash them when completely dry to get rid of the paint smell. Cut the glad wrap off and have a shower, haha You will need it!!

This paint will not wash out, at first it may make the fabric a little stiff but it's soft enough to wear.

*Please remember this is toxic paint, always do this outside and wear protective gear. If you have a mask wear it and never inhale fumes

If you try to make this please leave a message with a link to your results, I would love to know how everyone goes with this

*UPDATE  Video tutorial here

Have a crafty day 💗


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    1. wow cool!! thanks so much :)

      I'm just off to bed as its late here but I will definitely check it out in the morning, I'm going to bed smiling now <3

      Hope you have a great day too!

  2. So, uh, you realise YOU NEED TO MAKE ME A PAIR OF THESE! So great! sososo great!

  3. would acrylic spray paints work on ordinary cotton leggings? i can't find a shiny one like yours. :(

    1. thanks so much :)

      well I am not sure about acrylic spray paint as it may wash out, I used the enamel only because I know it doesn't wash out of anything and you can get a shine from it. so sorry not sure.

      The cotton leggings would work, just get thick fabric ones so the paint has something to hold to and doesn't just go straight through the fabric to your legs. I would say the only difference would be that they would not be shiny but if you used gloss spray paint then you could get the shininess that way :)

      If you try just make sure you wash them a few times and hang out side to air to get rid of the smell

      goodluck, if I get time I will edit the video and upload in the next few days

      cheers Brooke

  4. ooh. thanks for the quick reply! your leggings are really awesome by the way. :) but isn't it a bit stiff? how long does the leggings become softer from the paint?

    1. No worries :)
      Once I washed them twice they were not stiff at all really, not sure if that is because of the fabric absorption or if its just from the washing :) maybe depends on paint.

  5. hey i tried this yesterday but i think it was a failed attempt. lol. emailed you the result of my galaxy jogging pants since i was hesitant to try them right away on my black leggings. hope i can get a reply from you and give me more tips on how i can make it work. :)

    lots of love,

    1. :( let me go check my email and get back to you now :)
      so bummed it didn't work for you

      Brooke xxx

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    1. oh thanks Ester for following me :) I already started following you the other day, not sure why but my picture comes up different with my google+ account as Brooke Trash not my blog pic

      Love your site btw, its beautiful <3

  7. Make me some please!!!!!!! The're amazing! I would totally do it myself but my mum wouldn't buy me the equipment etc. Please Please Please pretty please with a big juicy cherry on top and whipped cream make me some ??!!?? xxxxxxxx love them and you forever if you do;) my email is haha weird I know, ive had it for too long;) Email if you can? :) :) :) :) <3

  8. This is the one and only galaxy diy on the internet that really worked, congrats!! The others I've seen look completely fake, you did such a great job!

  9. disqus_Tmx8I7MiEz4 April 2013 at 14:08

    Hello, many thanks for Your Galaxy Leggings Blog , i make so a Leggings self and Your Blog and Video have me very helping !

    Best regards from Heiligenhafen (Germany)
    from Manuel