Hand drawn Tattoo Earrings

Here are some hand drawn earrings I made using shrink plastic, coloured pencils, a black marker, an oven & scissors.

I think I will make a tutorial on how to make these, they are a really fun DIY craft and because you can be creative and do whatever design you like you can match these to your outfits or custom make jewellery for gifts. If you can't draw very well you can even get clear plastic and trace the design on.

I love how the simple ice cream cones turned out and I am happy with the tattoo flash earrings, especially because it was a quick design. The Ally Cat with the Miss perfect Kitty are so great I am in love with them lol I have been making these on and off for a few years now and you really can go crazy on what you make.


  1. Heyyy,
    they R so awesome. Waiting for tutorial. I do love crazy earrings. UR really creative, thumbs up :-D

    1. Thanks so much, I will try to do a tut this week for you oxoxo