How to do a Reverse Stencil Denim Jacket Print | FASHION DIY

So Lady Gaga hit Sydney with her first show last night. My sister went with her friends and borrowed my daughter's jacket I made for her last year, so I thought maybe I should share a quick tutorial.

Here is a quote from a friend who attended with my sister last night and I should add here that this guy you would not pick as a GAGA fan, he fixes up hotrods and is your swap meet type guy lol

"Last night was one of, if not the most amazing nights of my life. I'll never forget it. LADY GAGA ROCKED!! I'll still be talking about this show on my deathbed, I'll be saying, well I didn't do much in my 90 years on this planet but at least I went to a Gaga show..LOL...I can die happy now"



DIY Supplies
  • Denim Piece of clothing
  • Cardboard
  • Spray Paint
  • Gloves, Mask
  • Bleach if denim is too dark, otherwise not needed
  • Outdoor area
  • Studs for highlights for extra pow
Step-by-Step Beginner Stencil Fashion Tutorial


  • Find a silhouette design you want to have on your denim, print and cut around the shape
  • If your denim is very dark, bleach your clothing piece to get lighter (soak your item in bleach until lighter)
  • Place your cut-out design on the denim in an outdoor space on a plastic drop cloth or newspapers, you can hold down the cutout cardboard with pins
  • Wearing gloves, spray paint over the top of the design, moving slowly from left to right
  • Let dry for 5 minutes and take the cardboard off
  • Let dry and wash with cold water
  • I added some studs in the centre but this is when you can get creative and add any highlights, sequins etc. that you like


  1. OMG can you mention the supplies you used and which steps did you follow? please!!

    1. No Worries :) I will try to explain with out pictures

      I bleached a denim Jacket in a bucket all screwed up so it was not totally bleached white and then washed it. Let dry.

      I then drew the letters & unicorn on paper and cut them out.

      Once paper was cut I placed then on jacket and taped down from behind with strong tape.

      I laid jacket flat outside and spray painted with Black spray paint over the paper cut out pieces.

      I let dry and washed.

      Then I just marked with a pen where I wanted the studs and studded it from there

      hope that helps :)