How to make a Hand drawn Tattoo flash scarf | FASHION DIY

My week of One Direction DIYs has begun!! Here is the first instalment of some fun & easy craft projects for everyone who has requested more 1D blog posts 😊 This is my way of saying thank you as I get a lot of traffic from my previous Dream Pillow tutorial.

This craft technique can be used to put any design you like on a scarf, it does not have to be solely this design.

This post is a little image heavy

  • Blank scarf, $3 from the cheap dollar store
  • Sharpie, I used a laundry marker just to make sure the ink would hold. $2 from Big W.. but you could use a fabric marker.
  • Tattoo Flash, download HERE or HERE
  • Printer to print out the A4 1D tattoo flash sheet
Step 1 - Print out your flash

Step 2 - Place in the centre and tape to the back of the scarf to hold in place

Step 3 - Start to trace over the flash. The texter may bleed a little so in detailed areas do not press down too hard 

While tracing, hold the fabric tightly with your fingers so the scarf keeps in place and the design stays in the right dimensions. 

Step 4 - When finished remove the back template and check if you need to do any touch-ups. Once you are happy then iron the scarf to give the ink extra hold (do not iron if the fabric is not suitable)

And you are done, it's super cute, isn't it? and not too hard to do

I designed this by scanning the net for the One Direction guy's tattoos and picking the ones which would be best suited to draw up. I know I may have not done your favourite tatts they have but you can always add them around my design or make up your own. 

I think it's easy to pick out whose tattoos are who's... of course, the swallows are Harrys, and the microphone is Zayns & Louis' compass tattoo. The designs may not be spot on so please don't hate on me for not getting them perfect but there are not many photos for many references so I had to wing some of it.

The swallows I noticed were a cover-up on Harry's chest (yes I do my research 😉) so that's why his birds are not like a traditional swallow design I am not too happy with how they look but hey it's what he has 😁

Please do not steal my photos and claim them as your own or remove my watermark

It takes me a long time to imagine, create & post these projects, I do not get anything from this, I just do it for fun so please respect me & do the right thing :D I don't like having to say any of this, nor do I like having such a huge watermark on my photos but due to my daughter's One Direction bedroom being posted all over the internet and people claiming as their own I really have no choice. She was very mad with me for that, I don't want a grumpy 13-year-old again haha  I am happy for people to post any of my photos as long as you link back or at least keep the watermark on.

The tattoo flash printable that is available to download is FREE to you, please do not use it for profit.

Have fun creating one of these, there are lots of possibilities with this DIY to customise into your own fashion accessory to wear. I will be having a 1D giveaway at the end of the week so come back and check what you could win, it could be this little baby!!!!



  1. this is such a fun idea girl. love the turn out as well

    xx m

  2. Fantastic! And what a great idea, I love it. I would never have thought of using tattoo designs and now I am so going to my thrift store and pick up a cool light-coloured scarf for this idea. Well, once I am not sick. Thank you, that is so amazing, I love how your scarf turned out!

  3. This is AWESOME! I never thought of imprinting on a scarf!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  4. this is super cool!

  5. Ohhh, super cute! I'm not really a fan of 1D, but I am a fan of that scarf!

  6. This is so cute. I love your ideas!

  7. love this idea! so cool and looks so easy to do :)


  8. I don;t even like one direction, but this scarf is fantastic. The design so rad.

  9. hi can you please show us how you made the one direction plushies they are adorable!!!

  10. love the scarf !!!!

  11. im going to share it in my blog, i'll credit it :)