How to make fast & easy Rainbow Cupcakes

Today was my Daughters Birthday, everything was going perfectly until the afternoon when I hear "Mum what cakes are you making for me to take to school tomorrow for my class?" ahhh fuck!!! yes I forgot the school friends cakes... SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!

So a bit of quick thinking and magic mother skills I made her some rainbow cupcakes :) She thought they were awesome and said that her friends will not believe their eyes when they see all the colours lol

There are a lot of tutorials and how to's on how to make these on the net, some make it seem harder than they are and others just don't give you all the steps with pictures, so here you go, some easy and fast ways to make rainbow cakes!!! 

1/ Mix your Cake mix.... that's packet mix people!! Forget the starting from scratch fancy cakes when you are in a hurry! I used 2 packets of a basic vanilla mix to make 32 cupcakes.

2/ Divide your mix into 4 bowls or however many colours you would like. Remember though you don't want too many colours with cupcakes as they are a lot smaller than a normal cake.

Add a few drops of food colouring in each bowl. The more drops of food colouring the more intense the colour.

3/ Mix colour in well with separate teaspoons.

4/ Put your cake paper cups in cupcake pan. 

Using the teaspoon, add the first layer of colour in the base of the paper cup. I use a heap spoonful amount. My first colour was Green. Then do the same with each colour. Try to put contrasting colours next to each other for best results.

When you add the next colour just drop in the centre of the paper cup, the cake mix will sink and blend itself together, there is no need to stir them.

5/ Once all layers are done bake cakes to packet instructions

6/ Decorate however you like. Because mine was last minute cakes and I didn't get to the shops (it's Sunday and I'm in Sunday clothes... okay & I am lazy haha) I just used some icing mixture and mini choc buds I had already in the cupboard but basically you can do whatever you like.... they are that cool you really don't even need to decorate if you don't want to :)

you use these same steps to make full size cakes too!

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