Rainbow French fries tutorial

While I was laying in bed last night high as a kite on cold & flu tablets, this silly idea came into my mind..... 'I need to try to figure out how to make rainbow hot chips!!!' So today for lunch I thought I would give it a go. I could not believe that is worked and that it was so easy.

Below is a picture tutorial of what I did and explained step by step. I wish I had some purple food colour to try, I didn't bother trying yellow as it wouldn't make much difference to the chips. I did not add enough green to the water so those chips came out pretty light but still worked a little :)

1/ Get your food colouring together and some frozen chips (you could use potatoes and cut them into chips but this was easy and I didn't have any potatoes on hand)
2/ Fill some cups up with warm water. Add about 10 drops of food colouring and mix.
Drop your fries in each colour and let them sit for about 3 mins. You could use bowls for larger quantities if you wanted, just add more food colouring. The more drops you use the darker the colour will come out. I did not use enough green so those chips did not work very well.
3/ Lay chips out on your cooking tray and put in oven to cook. How long you cook for depends on what the brand is, so check the instructions on the packet. I cook my chips in the oven as its more healthy etc I do not know if this will work in a deep fryer as it may take some of the colour away. Make sure you turn fries over so they don't burn.
4/ Serve and Eat :)

 I was amazed they worked as well as they did for the first time as I have not seen them done before so had nothing to go off, I was also pleased they still turned out crispy. I was worried because I soaked them in water they would stay soft but they did crisp up.

I hope you have fun messing around with this idea with some different colours. Let me know how you go if you try this :)  I think these are a good idea for a party or treat but I wouldn't do this to encourage your kids to eat if they are fussy eaters. Just because you don't want to be giving the kids colour additives all the time.


  1. Woah! I'd never even thought of something like this! Pretty simple, but AMAZING!

  2. yeah Nat I was amazed it worked and everyone hasn't been doing this for years lol