Mini Hamburger Cupcake Tutorial | BAKING DIY

I made some Mini Hamburger Cupcakes which I have seen a few times on the net and really wanted to try but also do a little bit different.  I think these are an easy and fun idea, and great for a kid's party... especially a Spongebob or 50's Diner theme.
Below are some photos and a 
HOW TO Make Mini Hamburger cupcakes in 15 easy steps. 


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I made my Hamburger cupcakes different from the ones online that the other few food bloggers have done. All the other burger cakes make full-size chocolate cupcakes but I knew there was a better way that is cheaper, faster, no cutting and best of all the meat patty looks more realistic.

What I did differently
I used normal size paper cake liners for the vanilla cakes/buns and muffin size for choc/meat patty 

For the beef patty I poured in less than 1cm in the bottom and cooked them fast while watching them closely so they didn't burn, you then don't have to cut or waste cake by cooking a full cupcake. 

I also did the cheese out of fondant as I don't think I would have been able to get it neat enough with frosting and wanted the cheese to look more real 

Some of the chocolate patties turned out too big due to me using a different brand of cake mix and they rose too much but that's okay, they can just be Eddie Murphy's Mumma's burgers 😁😂

  • Vanilla cake mix
  • Chocolate cake mix
  • Fondant/royal icing
  • Pre-made frosting/icing
  • Food colouring - red, green, yellow
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sugar syrup
First of all, I am a terrible cook but love cooking desserts BUT I do not make them from scratch, seriously who has time for that shit.... so I buy Cake mixes that are ready for me to add the egg etc and off I go, same with the frosting. I have used premade Betty Crocker Frosting for maybe the last 10 years and it has never let me down, I love it! Baking Hacks are what I live for.

So this is really easy, follow these steps and you too will have some awesome & cute cupcakes that people will go "WOW" over

1 -  Cook vanilla cupcakes normally but don't overfill the paper cases

2 -  Put 1cm of Choc mix in the bottom of the cupcake paper case, cook and watch closely as they can burn quickly

3 -  Once cakes are cooked and cooled cut Vanilla cakes in half

4 -  Line up your cakes like a production line at McDonald's (bottom picture above)

5 - Mix some red food colouring in some icing for the sauce and dribble on the bottom part of the bun

6 -  Place patty on the bottom of the bun

7 -  Add a few drops of yellow food colouring to your fondant and mix well

8 -  Roll the fondant out with a rolling pin and cut with a knife the size needed for cheese. I cut mine about 2.5 inches squared

9 - Put another dab of icing on the patty and place cheese on top

11 - Mix some green food colouring in your frosting

12 - Put frosting in a piping bag and do a quick messy star design to make the lettuce

13 - Place the top part of the cake bun on

14 - Dab a small amount of syrup on top of the bun and sprinkle the sesame seeds

15 - Do a happy dance because you just created some cool easy cakes !!!

I also made some mini hamburger boxes for some of the cakes, you can be very creative and even print your own boxes to match your theme party

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Who would you cook these cupcakes for? 
Let me know below in the comments 


  1. These are adorable, so real looking. I make them to and I put some coconut in ziploc and add green food coloring and "mush" around and it is the perfect shredded lettuce. Love them

    1. wow that's a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing, I might try that next time :)

  2. OMG, how did no one comment on the "Eddie Murphy's Mumma's" line? LMAO!! These look awesome by the way! :)

    1. haha maybe we are the only people who know that line ;) haha

      Thanks so much for your comment

  3. OH my gosh! these are awesome, pinning right now to save for later!

    I am not so much a cook either but I sure do love to bake ;D

    Jen xx

  4. wow they really seem hamburgers! you did a great job :3