DIY Polaroid film stud earring holder

Recycle an old Polaroid or maybe one that just hasn't exposed correctly with this simple and cute idea. It is so simple anyone can make this!

 A few years ago I found my old Polaroid instant camera in my cupboard and thought I would see if it still worked, well it did but the film that was left in it was just expired and exposed so when it popped out all that I got was grey, no picture 😐

But for some reason I could not throw out the blank polaroid... it sat on my dresser for ages.

One day I was cleaning my dresser which had so many stud earrings everywhere, they are all just cheap fashion earrings so they do not get treated very well, I just throw them off and hope they are there when I want to wear again 😅 I decided to store my studs on it, if it didnt work there was no loss as the polaroid was ready for the bin anyway.

I have now had my studs on this for a long time and I really love it, the polaroid is strong enough to stand up against something and not fall down and its a quick and easy solution to keeping my earrings safe and accessible. You could even stand this up with a mini plate stand for a more cleaner look. I have crap everywhere on my bedroom dresser so the clean simplistic look isn't going to happen with me anyway.

I like that when I am getting ready and doing 100 other things at the same time I can grab the polaroid, walk around house and put on my earrings and then just throw it back on my dresser... Yes throw.. its pretty damn strong! It would be good to put in your overnight bag when you are going away as well.


First figure out the average size of your earring collection so you can calculate the spacing for the holes.

Get a ruler and mark with a texter where you want your holes to be. Mine are approximately 1cm by 1cm all over the face of the polaroid

Find a sharp sewing needle and carefully push the needle through the plastic where you have marked it. If you find this difficult to push the needle through then place the polaroid flat onto a pillow and push against it.

Thats it! place your studs into the holes in whatever order you  like and no more lost earrings!

I don't recommend you use this for your real diamonds or pearls etc, store that away safe from being lost and robbery. I'm serious, you don't need your bling out on display 😂

I have my hanging earrings stored a different way, I will post another time on how I don't lose the rest of my jewellery with some easy craft storage ideas


What have you recycled to store your jewellery? 
Let me know below in the comments 

I would love to see your creations,
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