Karl Kaufmann low brow monster stickers

Today I was lucky enough to get some stickers from the unreal and cool artist Karl Kaufmann. I was so excited, not sure where I will put them yet but who cares, I have them and can now do a happy dance and stare at them all day. 

Karl is pretty well known as the best lowbrow artist in Australia today and is loved in the Rockabilly community. His stunning yet crazy illustration work is nothing you will see elsewhere.... and on top of his awesomeness he is one of the nicest coolest guys you can meet, he truly is just amazing.. I don't even know how else to describe him 😊 

I can say I am lucky enough to be tattooed by him with his artwork and to be his friend. I will post the wonderful pin-up girl he designed for me one day 

You can buy Karl's stickers and t-shirts from his website KKillustrations or Like his page on facebook

Above is a picture of Karl & me from the Sydney Tattoo & Bodyart Expo 2010 💜

 Stickers purchased from www.kkillustrations.com


Who is your favourite artist? 
Let me know below in the comments 

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