DIY Ice-cream Cupcakes

Ice-cream cupcake diy cooking tutorial

Everyone has seen the cute cupcakes that look like ice-creams in cones but did you know how easy they are?

Ice-cream cupcake step by step cooking tutorial
Ice-cream cupcake step by step cooking tutorial
Icecream cup cake how to, cones, mix & frosting
Icecream cup cake how to, cones, mix & frosting
Ice-cream cupcake Tutorial, cones, mix & frosting

Most people who make these pour the cake batter straight into the cone and bake as per cake instructions, you can do it that way but this is how I do mine. I prefer my way as you use a LOT of cake batter otherwise & when cooking in bulk its a pain in the butt.

First I pour mini marshmallows and small gum-balls in the base of the cone. The gum balls are for some weight so once completed they will not tip over, but you could use any lollies. I then cook my cupcakes in small paper cups. Make sure you cook the cakes so they rise above the liners, you do not want flat cakes.

Once cakes are cooked and cooled slightly, get your cupcake (out of the paper cup) and shove it into the top of the cone. This should be a snug fit if you have used the right size paper cups to match your cones.

All that is left is to decorate with some frosting and whatever else your imagination can think of :)

These are a fun easy cakes for children's parties and the kids also get a treat in the base of the cone. Everyone will be impressed!

Sorry I have no pictures of the cupcakes before they were decorated, I made these cakes early last year and never thought I would have to do a tutorial on them lol

Happy baking!!!


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  2. These are amazing! straight onto todays finds!!! :D

    how do you even come up with this stuff?!

    Jenny xo

    1. today finds, omg you are the best!!!! thanks so much Jenny <3

      I think my mind has too many crazy ideas & then I just experiment and hope that it works, if it doesn't the rubbish bin enjoys a good feed hahaha


  3. wow, you have such a creative brain, thats impressive :-)