Last Minute Mothers day personalised Tea gift

Forgot about Mothers Day?.... can't get to the shop?

Well here is a cute and easy gift for your Mum. It is fast and easy for anyone to make. My daughter made some and customised it to suit her Nan. They are a great idea for us daughters that have moved out of home and owe our Mum a chat over a cuppa :)

I made a cute mini tea cup and stitched on the front but a simple little envelope like below is just as cute and effective. You can be as creative as you want and really write or draw anything to suit your Mum. I made mine very quick just so I could do a few different examples for you but if you take your time you could get them looking amazing!

These are also perfect for your best friend or even your partner <3

Basically all you need is some tea bags and cardboard, nothing fancy yet the end result is sweet :) I think sometimes we all get lost on buying the biggest and best present for people when really all everyone wants is to be appreciated and shown that you are thinking of them. So a handmade present is always a winner for Mothers day.

So grab your Teabags and use your branded tags as a template to make some blank cards to attached to the string. Draw on the blank tags whatever you like and attached... easy!!! you could even print them on your computer if you don't want to hand draw the tags :)

Please do not use for resale or profit

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