Mini felt love notebook to make | CRAFT DIY

Make your own "Why I love you" felt mini Book for a loved one with this easy-to-make craft tutorial. This design is great to make for all ages and a unique craft project for children to learn how to do basic hand-stitching work


Supplies you need for one 6-page Felt book
  • 1 A4 white felt sheet
  • Black embroidery thread + needle
  • Pens, blue & pink
  • Ruler & Scissors
  • Metal large jump rings (find in the jewellery supply section)
Instructions on how to make your Felt love notebook

1| Gather all your supplies

2| Measure your sheet into 6 even panels and cut. I did mine at 8cm by 10cm

3| With a ruler draw even blue lines across your felt panels. Make them large enough for you to stitch the words in them. Then with your pink pen draw down the left margin down the side.

4| Now it's time to stitch! You can do any phrases you like, just write them on a piece of paper first to make sure they will fit. I did a book of love that you could give to your best friend or sister, lots of ways to change this to work for different people.

5| After you have done all your wording you need to cut the holes in the margin. I cut the cover panel first and then used that as a template for the other panels

6| Put each felt panel onto your jump rings and you are done

If you do not like the thread showing on the inside of the panels you could glue some fabric pieces to cover them but I left with the thread showing just because I thought it looked cool.

I hope you have fun with this and create some adorable mini-books 

Happy Crafting 💗

Who would you like to make this for? 
Let me know below in the comments 



  1. What a great way to tell the special someone in your life that you love them! I'm thinking of making one to put in my little girl's Christmas stocking. Short phrases telling her how much I love her! I'm posting a roundup of my favorite notebook tutorials on my blog and will be including this. Thank you for the idea :)

    1. thanks so much :)
      that is a great idea for a christmas stocking, I might do this too for my neices and get my girls to make some for their close friends oxo

  2. LOVE LOVE this!!!!!

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