Make a Wine & Cheese Rice Heat Pack DIY for Mother's Day

I have had this DIY project on my TO DO list for a little while now and waiting to try and share it with you all for a Fun Fab Mother's Day gift.

But now I am ready to post this tutorial, I am convinced this is not just for Mum, it's the perfect Gift Giving DIY to make for your Best Friend, Sister, Nan, a Hens night Gift or hey, even yourself!

I have made 2 sizes, a mini and a large one for the back area, neck or stomach.
I have also made a cute cheese rice heat pad to match your wine bottle, my daughter had this brilliant idea, so I thought, why not try it!
Medium sewing skills
Approx cost $5
Approx time 1 Hour

  • Soft Fabric in colours of your choice
I used Gold & Pink and Silver lycra (all scrap fabric from leftover pieces, but use any fabric that is soft & microwave/heat safe
  • Sewing Machine
I use this Brother machine
  • Scissors, Pins, Thread
  • Stencil
  • White Rice
I used approx 1.2 kg of rice for the large heat pack and 400gms for the small one


Print and cut out the pattern of your Wine bottles
PRINTABLES at the bottom of this post
Small & Large designs are to be printed on an A4 sheet of paper

For the large design, print the 2 template sheets & attach the bottom of the bottle on template 2, to the bottom of the bottle on temple 1 with tape.

Cut out your pattern on your own selected fabrics.
Iron flat

Sew/Applique your design onto the large bottle shape

Use a Zig Zag stitch if you do not have an embroidery machine. I used the zigzag stitch so you can see what it looks like. You could also hand stitch if you like. I hand-stitched the holographic fabric bubbles because I didn't think I would get nice edges because I had trouble with the silver lycra moving. I wouldn't recommend using lycra unless you put a backing on it first but I was already committed on this colour palette and fabrics so I kept going lol

On a scrap piece of fabric, test what stitch works best with your fabrics and what look you are after. I decided to hand stitch the bubbles after I did the test on the sewing machine.

Once all pieces are sewn onto the bottle shape, iron from behind

Place the bottle pieces facing each other and pin them around your hem edge.

Sew a straight stitch around the edge, leaving the top opening unsewn, do not sew down the edge of one size at the top (refer to picture)

After sewing the edge, cut along the curved areas and cut off the corners of the bottom of the bottle.

Turn bottle inside out

Once the Champagne bottle design is the right way out, place a pencil inside and push out the corners etc of the design and then iron again so the edge stays out and flat.

Make a funnel out of paper. You can skip this step if you have a funnel, I couldn't find mine so a paper funnel it is!!!!

Place the funnel into the bottle opening and pour rice into the funnel. Fill the bottle 3/4 full.

Fold the corners and top inside the opening and sew a straight stitch around the whole top edge, closing the hole.

Heat in Microwave, sit down with Champers in hand, put Netflix on, place heat pack on sore muscles and RELAX

Oh wait, this was for a gift, right? So I guess you are wrapping it up and giving it away. Then you can make yourself one, heat it in the microwave and do step 12 😊


Above is a quick picture tutorial on how to make this 3D cheese heat pack

  1. With a small plate, cut your circle and strips of fabric. Cut a triangle out of the circle, so it will look like PacMan. Use a contrasting colour for the centre of the cheese
  2. Fold your cheese panel in half and sew at the back in a straight line to make the centre seam.
  3. Pin your 2 Pacman mouths along the edge of your inner cheese panel and sew a straight line. the centre of the Pacman mouth should match up with the centre line. Cut the seam neat and at the point, cut little slits.
  4. Pin your long cheese panel to the edge of the circle and sew on top and bottom. Cut slits around the curved edge to the seam.
  5. Turn the design to the right side out by pulling the fabric from the inside to the out. Place a pencil inside and push out corners.
  6. Iron edges flat
  7. Sew a straight stitch down one side of the cheese openings as close to the edge as possible.
  8. Place a funnel in the last opening and pour rice into the cheese. Fill 3/4 of the way
  9. Sew a line down the opening.
  10. Heat in microwave or place in freezer for a cool pack.
The cheese would sit better if I used stiff fabric but hey, I like it matching the wine bottles and once on a body part it moulds anyway and doesn't look bubbly

Rice can get very hot, I recommend you test how long your heat pack needs to be in your microwave. Each microwave is different so I recommend you place the heat pack in 30-sec increments to test desired time. The rice keeps getting hot after it is out of the microwave so please be careful not to place on bare skin if it feels hot.

Some people also use Rice pads for cold packs by placing them in the freezer, this is great on a hot summer's day to cool off or also to relieve muscle pain.

I love heat packs, I probably use them way too often but the heat is the only thing that works to get rid of my sore neck after I finish work and my period cramps. Heat always works for me, it's natural so I do not have to keep taking painkillers and with adorable heat packs like this Wine one, who wouldn't want to use them? haha

I hope you enjoyed this adorable tutorial, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Happy crafting!

*This design is not to be used for profit or resale


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