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Mini Weaved Basket Paper Craft

Are you finding it hard to keep the kid's busy while at home but still need to keep it fun, cheap and creative? Then this mini weave basket project may be what you are looking for in these self-isolating homeschooling days, and best of all it's a free printable template!

These weaved baskets would look adorable on a table setting for each Easter party guest or the perfect size for small gifts for the kid's school friends, teacher or work colleagues. Also an easy craft project for school activities at Easter time & a creative way to learn basic weaving techniques.

  • - 2 Sheets of Cardstock
  • - Glue or tape
  • - Scissors
  • - Free Template (located at bottom of page)
  • - Printer


  • Print pages 1 & 2 on cardstock, the colour of your choice. If you use paper then the basket will not be strong but it will still work. Just be extra careful when weaving so the paper does not rip
  • Cut template page 1 and weaving strips & handle pieces from page 2
  • Fold each strip at the base of the circle inwards
  • Glue weave strips to the inside of an arm at the base of the circle
  • Weave in and out until you get to the start of the weaving piece and glue in place on every few arms.
  • Cut to length once you have gone full circle and then glue in place.

  • Repeat, but weave every opposite arm
  • Once you have reached the top, fold the base arm strips over & evenly, inside the basket and glue or tape down for more stability.
  • Glue the handle inside to each side or tape for extra strength
  • Place inside the basket the wide strip over the handle and glue to have a clean finish

  • Decorate if you like, add some Bunny Ears for Easter or some ribbons for some cute bows
  • Fill with goodies, use for gift giving or  for a simple table setting decoration


Print on A4 size for a cute mini box, as pictured or print A3 if you would like a  bigger Bunny Ear Favor box. The small pink box I printed at 70% size A4 & Blue box is 100% A4

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