Flower Bouquet Heart gift wrap DIY | Free template

What is better than receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers? Well, that's giving them to someone you adore right! Well sometimes 😉  

Now you can personalize your bouquet of flowers the next time you are giving them as a gift by making your own gift wrap heart cone. It's unbelievably pretty and super fun, everyone will love it. There is even enough room on the top heart to write a message.


  • Basic craft skills
  • Approx time 5 mins

DIY Supplies to make Flower Bouquet gift wrap
  • Cardboard
  • Printer
  • Craft knife & scissors 
  • Ribbon if you use the 2nd template
  • Bunch of flowers of your choice
I brought a floral bouquet of Roses for $5.99 from Aldi

Print out the template on an A4 size sheet
There are 2 different templates at the bottom of this page to choose from. The 1st template has the hearts cut out and the 2nd template has 4 slots to weave thick ribbon through to make a huge bow.

Cut out with a craft knife or scissors. The hearts are hard to cut out if you don't use a knife.

Place your bunch of flowers next to your cut out the template and see how short you need to cut your stems to fit into the cone.

Move the string or elastic up above where you need to cut, this will keep the bunch of flowers together. 

Cut the bottom of the stems off. This cone design only will work on a mini set of flowers, so a huge bunch may not fit into the cone.

Make your cone by sliding the pointed lip into the slot. Tape securely if needed

If you are using template 2, weave the ribbon through the holes

Adorable right? 
I love how you can see the leaves through the cutout holes

Both heart designs look so pretty and can be used for lots of different occasions. You know your Mum & Nan would be so delighted with these on Mothers day. Your sister, daughter, niece of close friend on their birthdays would adore and don't forget the new mums or brides celebrating the next chapters in their lives.

I hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day

To save the free templates, right-click and hit save
Print on A4 cardstock

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