How to Sew a High Waisted Mini Skirt | Sewing Tutorial for Beginners

Show off your legs and make yourself a new short Mini Skirt. This design will turn heads, get you making your own clothing and inspire you to use a bold print like the cow pattern I have used. 

How to Sew your own High Waisted Mini Skirt with a zipper to custom fit your shape & style.

Remember the Cow Print Stenciled fabric tutorial I showed you how to create HERE, I will be using this fabric panel to show you how to make a high waisted short mini skirt but you can adjust this technique to make the skirt any length you like. 

This basic classic skirt can be used for today's latest trends and most fashion style era's. This pattern design works perfectly for a classic 
  • '60's mod skirt
  • '70's hippy skirt
  • '80's rock chick skirt
  • '90's grunge skirt
  • '00's / Y2k skirt
It's all in how you use your fabric print and the colour which will make the complete look.
Make your own skirt by learning how to sew this easy sewing fashion staple with the step by step instructions below.


  • Skill Level - Beginner to Medium
  • Cost - From $10
  • Time - 1 - 2 hours


  • Fabric of your choice - I used 1 metre of hand stencilled cow print non-stretch fabric. Make your own HERE
  • Sewing Machine
  • Zipper - at least 4 inches long
  • Scissors, Sewing Pins


  • Download your FREE PDF Measuring Guide on how to measure your pattern HERE or view below.
  • Draw up your pattern on paper. If you do not have paper large enough, join A4 sheets together with tape like I have.
To draw up your pattern, 
you need 
- Your waist measurement (the smallest section of your waist)
- Your hip measurements (the largest part that goes over your butt)
- Your lower hip measurements (this normally sits just under your crotch) 
- The length you would like your mini skirt (waist to bottom hem)

The front and back pattern pieces will be half the width of your dimensions (waist, hip, lower hip) Use 1/2 for a full pattern piece or 1/4 for a folded pattern piece like I have above.

  • Fold your fabric in half and cut 2 panels, the front and back.
  • Your back panel of the skirt should be 1cm larger on each side seam. This is to allow extra fabric for the zipper to be inserted.
  • Fold the back panel piece in half and cut from the bottom seam to the top. This is to put your zipper in.
  • On the back panel pieces, on the middle cut that you just made, fold the fabric backwards to create a fake-looking seam. 
  • Iron the fabric flat.
  • Measure how low the zipper will go down the back of your skirt and mark it on the cut middle seam. 
  • Pin the back seam together with the print facing each other. 
  • Sew the seam together from the marked area to the bottom.
  • Turn the panel over with the print facing up. Place your zipper under the open ironed section and pin the zipper in flat.
  • You should leave a seam allowance at the top for the waist to be folded over and the zipper sits nicely at the top fold seam. 
  • Carefully open and close the zip to check the zip moves freely.
  • Place under your sewing machine either with a zipper foot or if you do not have one, set your machine so the sewing needle moves to the left edge, not the centre.
  • Sew the zipper in with the foot's edge against the zipper centre. Slowly sew on at least a 2 x 2 straight stitch.
  • When you get to the bottom of the zipper, past the zipper end, stop sewing. Make sure the sewing needle is down, lift the sewing foot and turn. 
  • Sew along the bottom slowly, ensuring you do not sew over the metal/plastic end of the zipper.
  • Drop the needle, lift and turn the fabric again once you come to the corner.
  • Make sure you have backstitched the start and finish of the line
  • Place your front skirt fabric panel and back panel together and pin up the sides. the panels should now match up with the zipper inserted.
  • Sew down each side seam with a straight stitch, and backstitch at each end.
  • Fold over the bottom of the skirt, check the length is correct and pin. 
  • Sew the bottom hem of the mini skirt in a straight stitch.
  • Check to see if the skirt needs darts at the back section before you move forward. To do this, put the skirt on and see if the skirt sits flat over the top of your buttocks and lower back. 
  • It may not sit flat if you have a curved back or a curvy bigger butt. This is normal to have these but you must adjust your design to suit.
  • Measure where the bottom of the dart would finish by seeing where the first sign of the fabric being loose is. 
  • Place the darts in the centre of each side. 
  • Sew a straight stitch to form a dart, this should be a triangle once sewn.
I did not have to do that in the skirt so I have no pictures, I will update you on how to sew darts with a picture soon.

  • Fold over the waistband
  • Sew a straight line all the way around. Start at the zip and move around.
  • Press the seams flat with an iron to create a finished and more professional edge and look
Now you are finished! Add your new mini skirt to your wardrobe and show off those legs! Or wear some tights if you want to wear them in winter or for a layered fashion look.
Hope you love sewing this fashion trend tutorial, it really is a great style to wear and an easy custom look to achieve with basic sewing skills on a budget. 

I think my next mini skirt sewing project will be a 1960's bold mod print or 1980's solid bright colour, the choice is endless with this classic mini skirt style.

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If you have any questions, ask me below in the comments.

What fabric print would you love to sew into a high-waisted mini skirt?

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