How to sew a Hair Scrunchie with tie | Sewing DIY

Anyone else thinks scrunchies would never be back in trend? Same 😄

But they are back from the '80s & '90s and looks like they are here to stay. So why not make some for your teenagers and yourself, they are great for your hair because of how soft they are, which means NO Breakage! and also so cheap to make.

This is an easy retro fashion sewing project for beginners to learn to sew and once you make one, the scrunchies will be multiplying big time!
This design can be altered to make plain scrunchies, extra-long fake scarf designs, short Bunny Ear bows and some fabulous tails with fun print fabrics that no one else is wearing!


Sewing skills - Beginner
Approx cost - $2 
Approx time - 30 mins for a beginner

  • Fabric or an old garment in a print of your choice (think recycling using your favourite shirt that is too small for you or damaged). Try sequins, velvet, metallics and wild prints!! You do not need much fabric so an off-cut or a flat quarter is plenty.
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors, pins, safety pin
  • Thin Elastic
Select your fabric, I have used a pastel stripe with gold metallic dots and soft poly.

Cut out your rectangle pieces. If you only want a plain scrunchie with no tie tail then a rectangle 40 by 8-10 cm is all you need. Otherwise, you can get your free pattern at the bottom of the page

Pin and draw a pointed end on your rectangle piece of the pattern. I do not cut this out afterwards, I sew on this line which makes it easier to keep the shape and a good sewing tip for beginners on small pieces.

Sew your long rectangle and little rectangle up one edge, without sewing the ends together

Sew your pointed tailpiece, start sewing from one side and go all the way around leaving an inch not sewn.

Cut the edges of your panels neatly and turn the correct way out.
I used my hands to pull the pointed panel the correct way out and then a pencil to push out the corners neatly.

For the straight long panels you can use a safety pin on one edge and thread through pulling the inside out.

With a short length of elastic, thread it through your long rectangle using a safety pin and gather the fabric as you go, holding the end of the elastic tight. Once gathered, place the elastic over each other by 1cm and sew tight.

Fold one end of the fabric over creating a clean edge and slide over the other raw end and pin. Sew a neat straight line. Once sewn closed, you have a basic plain Scrunchie

Place your tail panel over the top of your sewn line on your scrunchie.
With your small rectangle panel, wrap around the scrunchie and tail.
Sew a straight line to secure the pieces together and cut close to finish off.

Throw your hair in a ponytail and rock your new scrunchie!

This easy sewing project is great to make for Christmas stocking fillers, friends and teen treats and even birthday favours for a beauty-themed party etc.

Right-click and save A4 printable pattern below

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

Happy Sewing!



  1. It looks like you are cutting out 2 of each pattern, is that correct? It does not say cut two on the pattern. Is the center strip on the fold? Your center strip looks long.

    1. Hi, I have only cut one of each piece and folded. The center strip is long in the tutorial and then I cut it to once I had sewn it around the scrunchie and the tie. But the pattern was adjusted to not be that long. Hope that helped :)

  2. Your bow scrunchie turned out so cute, what a fantastic idea! Love the fabric you used. I wanted to drop a quick message to let you know that today I’ve featured your post on Crafts on Display, hope you enjoy it! -

    1. Thanks so much!! I will go now and have a read. I will share it on my social media :) Have a great week x