How to Stencil on Fabric | FREE Cow Print Printable Template

Who is loving the Cow print trend right now? You would have seen it in streetwear, clothing, on walls, stickers, tufting artwork and embroidery. It's pretty much everywhere on Tik Tok and in cool fashion stores.

I have created a FREE Cow Print stencil template for you to download, print and cut to use on all your DIY projects and to use on this easy fabric stencilling tutorial.


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I will be using the cow print stencil below but you can use this easy method with most stencils directly to fabric or any craft projects.

For stencilling on anything other than fabric, choose a different paint medium to suit your craft project.

Stencilling is an affordable way to place permanent images, patterns and words onto textiles. It is a craft that you can get addicted to, once you see how great the end result can be.

Below is a Free Printable Cow Spot Template, Picture Tutorial, Free Printable Craft Tutorial Card and a Short Video.
DIY Supplies
  • Fabric or Clothing item - I am using a Linen/Cotton Blend white fabric
  • Fabric Paint - I used Speedball Black
  • Stencil - Download here
  • Craft knife or small scissors
  • Cardstock
  • Sponge - I used a cheap make-up sponge
  • Small tip paintbrush
  • Tape - I use painter's tape, sticky but removes easy. Use whatever tape you have if on a budget
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic sheet - I used a garbage bag cut open

Step by Step Guide to Stenciling a Cow Print Pattern on to Fabric Tutorial

Download your FREE Cow Spots PDF Printable Template HERE or right-click and save the jpg to print which is located at the bottom of this page.

Print onto heavy-duty cardstock or plastic-coated cardstock. I used a $1 Manila folder that has a coating and cut the cover off to place it through the printer. The reason I use plastic or coated cardstock is so I can use the stencil over and over without the cardboard getting weak and having to print and re-cut all over again.
TIP - If you use plastic-coated cardstock, it may not dry completely after it is printed. Tap the excess ink off with a tissue. The design may smudge a little but that's fine... you can still see the lines to cut
Cut out the design. Follow each line carefully but if you do not do it perfectly, it's okay! This cow print will work anyway.
Lay your fabric or clothing flat on top of some plastic. Place your stencil on the edge of the fabric, starting at the corner. That is if you want to do a continuous cow print pattern over the whole panel.

If you are stencilling onto an item of clothing, then place it on one edge to work your way across or down or wherever you would like the pattern.

Stick down all of the edges with your tape so the stencil sits flat.
Put on your rubber gloves & shake your fabric paint to mix it. Open and place your lid upside down. 
Dip your sponge into the lid, removing any excess paint on the edge of the container. 

Carefully hold down the section you would like to start stencilling first with one hand and with your other hand firmly and slowly press the sponge down in a patting up and down motion. 
Continue doing this while moving across the stencil. Keep applying more paint to your sponge when you see the fabric colour is showing through.
Once the whole stencil is painted, slowly lift the stencil off your fabric. 
If your stencil has any excess paint on it, remove it with a tissue and let it dry for 5 mins (or however long your paint takes) Any paint that is thick and wet, remove. You do not want this to transfer onto the clean fabric in the next step.
If you want a continuous cow pattern fabric panel, then place the stencil back onto the fabric, slightly overlapping the previously painted section.
Repeat the above stencilling steps until you have stencilled enough fabric for your DIY project.
Once you have stencilled the fabric, clean up any edges with a small paintbrush dipped into the ink. Paint some small curvy shapes in any empty holes that you may have missed when stencilling. Fill the large gaps to make the cow print seamless looking and natural.
Leave the fabric to dry fully. 
Iron once dry, if your fabric paint recommends this. I always iron to set the ink.
Use your cow print stencilled fabric however you like. Come back and visit to see a new sewing DIY that I have created with this fabric panel.

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How will you use this cow pattern stencil?
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