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Do you want a Beret? Do you neeeeeed a Beret?
But you can not find the perfect one in that amazing shade you have been dreaming of?
Then you are in the right place. Join me and I will show you how to make the cutest on trend beret, that's budget friendly. All you need is basic sewing skills and a small amount of fabric.

Basic sewing skills
Approx cost $0 to $5
Approx time 30 mins

- 1 metre x 25cm fabric
or 50cm x 50cm
I used left over cord from a previous project, so cost for me was $0
Fabric must be thick and stiffish to hold the beret's shape, you could also use felt. Do not use any thin soft fabric for this method I am showing you.

- Sewing Machine or Needle & thread
I use this Brother Sewing Machine
This project is possible to hand sew, as long as you keep your stitches close together and neat

- Scissors
- Circle template, I used a plate and a bowl
- Measuring Tape

- Fold your thick fabric in half and mark 2 full circles
- In the second circle mark your head circumference 
( I used a plate and bowl for the circles, they were the correct size I needed)
- Cut the circles, leaving a 5mm hem edge 

The full circle width I used was 24cms
The centre circle width was 17cm
I recommend you measure your head to see which size is best suited to you. The size I made was for a small adults or teen size head.
- Place your donut piece on top of the full circle piece of fabric, making sure you match up your fabric pattern (I was using cord so matched up my cord lines)
- Do this 2 times and pin outer edge

- Sew the edge on your sewing machine on a straight stitch
- Trim edge clean
- Cut around the curved edge with small slits 
- Fold one of the sewn panels the correct way out

- Place the beret inside the inside out beret (refer to picture above)
The panels facing each other should be the correct way, sewing seams visable
- Pin the inside of the circle, the 2 layers should be matching up neatly
- Sew around the inner circle with a straight stitch, leave at least 1 inch unsewn

- Through your 1 inch unsewn hole, pull the fabric out all the way. The beret will now be the right way
- Push one layer in to the other so it looks like a bowl. Push your hand around the inside creating a nice round shape
- Iron all the edges so it will keep its shape.
- Hand sew the 1 inch hole closed. Use the same colour thread and do an invisible stitch

- Cut a small straight line of fabric for your beret loop that sits in the centre at the top
- Loop the fabric in a circle and stitch together
- Sew loop to the top centre of beret

Looks super adorable right?
Best thing is this design is reversible, so you could use different colours or prints for each half, 2 looks in one!
This pattern is not true to size, you need to draw up your own size. I have just made this above so you can see what pattern panels you need.

I loved making this Beret fashion sewing tutorial, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below or email me. I am definitely going to make a few more of these, my daughters are obsessed and now so am I. 

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Happy Sewing!

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