7 Fun Female Dress-up Costume ideas for you & your Girlfriends

Are you and your girlfriends looking for a fun group costume but all the ideas across the net are the same or a bit lame?

I thought I would share some photos of my group costumes from over the years that my family and friends have worn, which all created an entertaining time for everyone. This includes Halloween, Themed Parties, Parades and Cosplay Conventions.

7 Fun & Cool Dress-up Costumes ideas for your Girl Group

Group costumes can be hard to coordinate when everyone can not decide on what theme to choose. So I hope one of the themes below inspires you to find a group costume you and your girlfriends will love. Your Girl Gang will have such a good time dressing up together in a matching theme, remember 3 is a crowd but 4 or more is a party! Not true, 3 can still be a party 😉

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Harajuku Girls are in a style of their own. With their mix of sub-cultures like Gothic Lolita, Fairy Kei, Punk Rock and Sweet Lolita it is a unique cosplay dress-up costume to wear in a group.

You can mix different prints, colours and styles to create this  Harajuku look. The key to making this work is the wig, do not go cheap on the wig! You know I love a good bargain but honestly, a beautiful reasonably priced Cosplay Anime wig is the bomb. And best of all you can wear it over and over again because of the quality.

This look suits all ages and sizes and everyone will feel comfortable, cute and confident wearing it. This is one of my favourite cosplay costumes ever. 


Cult Cartoons like Adventure Time are one of the best ways to do group costumes. Everyone can pick or maybe argue over the character they want to dress up as and the end result is always dramatic.

You would have seen some of my Adventure Time posts before, The Marceline and Jake Onesie being the most popular. But I have not shared the group photo when my family went to the Sydney Comic Convention and won the best cosplay group. 

I searched high and low for the convention photos but could only find the above photo from my Instagram. I did not take the original photos because I was at work and couldn't go 😥 so they must be lost on one of my old phones. Who knows but everyone looked amazing dressed up as Adventure Time characters. All costumes were handmade by my sister and I.

So when you are looking for a Cartoon Group costume, pick one that has cool characters, unique looks and lots of personality. There are so many cult animated shows these days that you could become, from old cartoons like The Carebears to current ones like Rick and Morty.


Live out your fantasy and become one of the magical warriors who are destined to save the earth and galaxy from the forces of evil. There are lots of Sailor Galaxy characters to choose from and because the look is all very similar with mostly the colour of the dress changing, it's an impactful costume when a lot of girls are wearing together.

Sailor Moon is an Anime Series that everyone knows and most love. So this is always an easy group costume for females, teens to adults.

The only issue you will have with this group costume is who will be Sailor Moon! Luckily I found a zodiac guide to the characters. So why not match up your star sign with the characters and the closest birthday to Sailor Moon gets to become her.

4| Sea Goddess Queens

If one Sea Goddess isn't the best costume ever, then imagine a group dressed as beautiful sparkling Sea Queens looking spectacular. I guarantee no other girl gang will be dressed as Sea Queens.

To dress as a traditional Sea Queen you can wear sequin dresses and a shell-style tiara. Or go left field and become Sea Coral Goddesses and wear dresses that are furry and remind you of moss or coral from under the sea.

I made all the costumes that were for a street parade, I will do a post in the future on how I made these Under The Sea dress-up costumes. My daughter made all the crowns with shells, Christmas tree decorations, sequins and headbands. She made around 30 shell crowns in a few days, I was very impressed 😍

Make sure you add lots of sparkle to your face with glitter or face sequins. You can buy a face gel to make it stick and stay on. Trust me that gel works, I think I work random glitter on my face for a week afterwards haha

5| It's Rock'n'Roll time Baby!

"I wanna Rock and Roll all night, and party every day"
One of the easiest costumes to do is to dress up as a rockstar. Think Glam metal 80s bands or Heavy Metal icons from the '90s. Whatever you choose it doesn't matter because it almost always looks the same and you can wing it last minute with not much cost.

Tease your hair, put on lots of dark make-up, tear up your jeans and find that old band shirt in the back of your wardrobe that you never wear but thought it was a good buy at the time. And you are ready to go.

This works well for groups because it suits all shapes and ages, is suitable for all budgets and you can be as over the top as much as you want, or dress up as a basic Rock'n'roll star. Everyone looks good and is happy.
6| 80's Pagent Queens
Who loves the Eighties? Add some bad evening dresses and Big Tiaras and you have a bunch of ridiculously over-the-top amazing 80's Pagent Queens.

This group costume is easy to achieve if you have access to some secondhand clothing shops that have old clothing at a great price. Look for huge ruffles, puffy balloon sleeves, Taffeta and bright colours.

If you can not find any original vintage 80's dresses, do not worry, half of the dresses we used were new and we upcycled them by adding some mega huge sleeves, ruffles and trains.

The one-shoulder black and silver dress I wore was purchased on sale from ASOS and I added the lime green ruffles and shoulder. The Pink & Royal Blue plain dresses I added huge sleeves and ruffles. The blue one was a dramatic change considering it was a basic elegant straight cocktail dress, to begin with.

You can make your own puff sleeves with this easy SEWING TUTORIAL. Add the sleeves to your dress in contrasting colours or fabrics.

7| The Classic Aussie Bogan

Costumes rarely get everyone in your group excited to dress up in the same theme but this one everyone was keen on. My sister and niece took on some male characters and let's say they embraced it fully 😂

An Aussie Bogan is basically an Australian from the suburbs who is uncultured and unsophisticated and loves a good time. All Aussies have a little bogan in them even if they do not like to admit it haha. 

Mix and Match any trashy clothes, add some slippers, a dressing gown and big hair for the females. Leopard, shiny leggings, mullets and fake boobs or a pregnancy belly add some extra fun to the look. 

We even have TV shows about them, the most popular ones "Housos" & "Regular Old Bogan" Do not watch those links if you can not handle adult content, not for the faint-hearted lol. 

These fun costume ideas are awesome for all ages, tweens, teenagers to adults. For most of the above group costumes, I am with my teen daughters, nieces, sisters and best friend. So even though Mother-Daughter costumes sound terrifying to your daughter, they really can work and create some fun memories.

What is your favourite group costume?


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