Animal Onesie sewing Tutorial... kids, teens or adult | DIY

 Have you been looking for that unique cartoon character for book week or a dress-up party but can't find it anywhere? Why not sew one and create a one-of-a-kind onesie.

I was asked for a tutorial on the Jake PJ Dress I made for my daughter a while back. I don't really have enough pictures to do a full tutorial, as for some reason I didn't take photos while doing the head. Probably because I was winging it as I went and didn't plan on doing a tutorial as sometimes I only take quick photos to remind me in the future of how to recreate 

Anyway here is what I have, hope this helps anyone making an animal or Jake onesie.

Even though this was for a child, you could adjust this for any size, great for teenagers & adults

Materials you need to make a onesie
  • soft polar fleece
  • zipper that is the length from neck to waist
  • elastic for arms and leg holes
  • felt of polar fleece  for face details
  • stuffing if you want the details to be puffy


First measure who you are sewing for, from the neck to the ankle. You need this for the base.

I used a long sleeve t-shirt that was baggy and some loose pants as a guide for the armholes, body width, arm sleeves etc. This is a great Pattern Making Hack when creating custom sewing projects. Place the fabric down and mark around your own clothes.

The crotch needs to be about 15-20 cm below the normal crotch seam, to give that baggy look, also good for comfort as you don't want the crotch to be too tight and digging into you. I also added length to the legs and arms so they were baggy also.

Cut out your pattern as above, keeping a fold line for the back panel piece. You do not need to cut that. The front panel has a centre cut to add the zip-in. Sorry, I have no photos of sleeves, but I just did a basic straight sleeve, nothing fancy.

Sew in the zip (you could use clip buttons or velcro if you do not know how to sew in a zip)

I did my zipper so it was hidden, only because I was too lazy to go back to the shop and buy the right colour, haha but you could do an exposed zip if you like 

Sew up the shoulders, side and inside leg seam. Once this is done you can sew in the arms and fold up arm/leg holes and add elastic. Then the base is done 😊

Now for the hard part that I do not have any pictures for 😁

I first made a hood like you would for a sweatshirt hoodie. The eyes are cut out & sewn straight on the hood after figuring out my placement.

The nose/mouth panel I made separate (see where the black oval nose is, I had an opening to allow me to fill it with stuffing, hidden when covered) Once I made the outer panel I placed it onto the hood and sewn the black nose on to hold it all in place, the oval nose is the only thing that I sewed to attach to the head. I then made some flat ears and a little tail to sew on.

Yes, it even fits me and looks cute 😀

Next, I attached the hood to the neck hole and I added a tie so the hood could be tightened like a hoodie.

I hope this makes enough sense and helps you, maybe even inspires you to make all different animal onesies 😊 Sorry, I couldn't explain my how-to with more pictures.

If you have not seen the show Adventure Time, check it out. It is such a great cartoon.

What Onesie would you make? 
Let me know below in the comments 



  1. You are so talented. This is so cool. I want to make big matching ones for me and my husband.

  2. Super cute!

  3. Hah! This is awesome! my boyfriend wanted a sock monkey pajama set that was like $200 and I said noway! Maybe I will make him one! This is stinkin' adorable!


    Holly Foxen Wells


  4. haha yeah $200 is way too much, make him one and then it will be special to him ox

  5. hehe yes do it!!!! you 2 will be awesome and cute in matching ones oxo

  6. Thank you. This is very helpful.

  7. Thank you! This is very helpful.

  8. I'm about to make a red guy from (don't hug me im sceard) costume for Halloween and this is super helpful

    1. Glad I could help, have fun this Halloween!!!

  9. you did a great job