Marceline the Vampire Queen easy Make-up Tutorial

Marceline the Vampire Queen make-up inspiration for your next Adventure Time dress-up event
My daughter requested some make-up for her best friend's birthday celebrations, and they decided that they both would go as Adventure Time characters. At first, I thought perfect, easy costume, not much to do... less work for me, until I looked at a picture of Marceline the Vampire Queen closely.. ... umm, what to do?

Below is the easy step-by-step guide on how I did her basic makeup. This is a simple look for children.
  • primer or moisturiser
  • lightest foundation and powder that is available to you
I already had a white compressed powder so I used this over my own L'Oreal foundation (my skin is quite pale)
  • black or dark grey matt eye shadow
  • mascara
  • red lipstick
  • red lip liner
1/Prime the face - I used Smashbox photo finish primer
If you do not have a primer then use a good moisturiser as you do not want dry skin when white/light powder is going to be on your skin. Do not skip this step otherwise, your skin will be flaky when the white is on
2/Apply light foundation and then light/white powder to set your face
3/Brush a thick line of black eye shadow on the upper lid, from the centre to the corner
4/ With the same colour of eyeshadow blend around the corner of the lid and side of the eye
5/ Do the same under the eye blending it so it's not harsh on the edge
6/ Apply mascara
7/ Apply red lipstick
8/ Apply 2 dots on the neck for vampire bites, I used red lip liner
9/ Tease the roots of the hair, spray and puff it up as much as possible to create volume. She has huge big hair!

Now you have an adorable human version of Marceline the vampire queen. I think you could do a lot of things with this character as she is a cartoon vampire which means you can have fun creating her human form 😊

Off to celebrate
I wish Princess Bubblegum had her crown on when I got snapped happy with the camera 😂

crazy wind photo... sometimes the wind can be your friend 😋

I think this would be an easy costume for Halloween or any dress-up party, my daughter wore her own high-waisted jeans, a plain black singlet, Dr Martens boots and a fitted flannie, all of which we had.

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