9 Glamorous Fictional Character Pin-up Costume ideas | Halloween guide

Who wants to create a twist on traditional Fictional Character Dress-up Costumes?

Pin-up Ladies are known to be glamorous and beautiful, so why wouldn't you want to embrace their style at Halloween. Add a twist to your traditional character costumes by blending your characters into Pin-up babes!

9 Glamourous Fictional Character Pinup Costumes to inspire you this Halloween

Over the years I have turned many fictional characters into Pin-up versions and I thought I would share with you how you can do this easily yourself this Halloween with basic fashion pieces that you can wear again and again. Cost saver wardrobe hack right here 😉

This style suits all women and makes everyone look like an old Hollywood star, who wouldn't want that right?
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I like to make costumes that are not true to form and are a twist on what the character is. I had sewn this Wonder Woman skirt above in a panel 1950s style and paired it with clothes I already had, but I will share below how to create the look without any sewing, only the logo badge making and a shopping guide inspiration on how to create this Retro Glamour look yourself.

Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Rockabilly Pin-up fictional character costume

  • Decide who you would like to become
In this post, you can see I am dressed as a Pinup Wonder Woman, but this can be adapted to any comic book, cartoon superhero or fictional character as I have linked below

TIP - Get creative and be the character you have always wanted to be. If this year has taught us anything, it is to do what you want and live for the now

Buy your basic pieces
You need a few basic pieces for your Pinup Character costume which you can mix and match to create the ultimate Rockabilly Pin-up style. 
  • Cardigan 
  • Kitten Heels
  • Wide Belt 
  • Midi Length Skirt or Dress. This could be a wiggle style or a full-circle style. I have done both looks and loved both costumes
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up Wonder Woman
If you would like the stars on your skirt, you can make a stamp out of foam or even a potato and stamp it on with white fabric paint.

These base colours in red, blue and gold can be adapted to Supergirl and Captain Marvel.

Guide to Becoming a Pin-up  Poison Ivy 
  1. Vine Applique to hand stitch or glue on the bodice
  2. Logo Badge (instructions)
Poison Ivy can be such a sexy modern Pin-up and who knew Green could look so divine put together.
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up Harley Quinn 
  1. Coloured Hair Spray for wig ends
Harley Quinn has a hard edge to her, she's a strong powerful woman with a crazy style. Tone down the look to become a Pin-up Lady but still bring in some of her attitude, by mixing some sparkle, ripped denim and colour.
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up PowerPuff Girl
  1. Logo Badge (instructions)
The Power Puff Girls are already a simple costume which means you need to glam it up. By adding some frill while socks to some heels and covering up your arms, you create an elegant Pin-up style that's classy and modern.
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up BatGirl 
  1. Logo Badge (instructions)
Batgirl can get tricky as all over black fabric costumes like Catwoman, Black Panther etc. So to achieve a Pin-up Comic book Character style you need to add some texture to the whole outfit. A black cardigan knit with a midi-length vinyl skirt will create a fresh look that is still recognisable. 
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up She-Hulk  
  1. Logo Badge (instructions)
She-Hulk is a that not many people like to recreate in a dress-up costume because who wants to paint themselves green right? By adding the green to the Pin-up outfit and mixing it with the purple, you create a fun look that is cute and no skin painting involved 😂
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up Princess Leia 
  1. Logo Badge (instructions)
I debated whether to add Princess Leia to this Pin-up costume guide as white is a hard colour for some to pull off, but she is so iconic how could I not. 

By adding Bright white and silver with some powerful lipstick, this costume is sure to be a modern show-stopper.
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up Beetle Juice  
  1. Logo Badge (instructions)
BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice!
I saw this dress and instantly was inspired to create a Beetle Juice Pin-up costume but it could also be used for Nightmare Before Christmas. Strong bold modern Pin-up makeup is what will pull this whole look together.
Guide to Becoming a Pin-up Beatrix Kiddo from KillBill  
Beatrix Kiddo from KillBill needed to be turned into a Pin-up costume. This iconic look is easily adapted into a Pin-up look by using a huge wide belt to add the black stripe to a beautiful fitted yellow dress.

Badge logo Tutorial Details
  • Create your own Characters Logo badge to complete the look by following this easy, cheap and fast tutorial

Do your Character's Make-up
With your make-up, go all out and create the ultimate character but in Pin-up Rockabilly style. I would do a classic winged eyeliner, red or bold lipstick, on-point eyebrows and flawless skin.
This video for Cherry Dollface is a great tutorial if you are new to the Pin-up world and would like guidance with your make-up. I have followed Cherry Dollface since her Myspace days and she has always inspired me and is great at explaining hair and make-up how-to's, so check her out.

This Pin-up Costume idea is perfect for groups to wear for Halloween, university events, cosplay conventions, festivals and themed birthday parties. 


What Pin-up Fictional Character would you like me to create? 
Let me know below in the comments 

I would love to see your pin-up costumes,
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