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How to make an easy Desert Bouquet Style Stand on a budget

Have you ever gone to buy the green floral foam for crafting or a cupcake bouquet and look at the price and think.... hmmm pass, I will think of something else. Well, I have an easy solution that is cheap and you can find it in any discount $1 shop. No more paying $15 for that small florist green foam.

After having a few requests on how to make the desert display pot that was featured in the Baby Treats Marshmallow seriesI have put together a quick tutorial on how you can make your own display stand for all your dessert table treats that have a stick and nowhere to go. You can also use it for your handmade paper flower bouquets.

 Instructions on how to make a desert Bouquet stand for Party Cake pops, cupcakes, lollipops, Candy or any treats that you have on a stick

DIY Supplies
  • Large sponge $1 (we use for carwashing in Australia)
  • Unused Pot, box, or any deep container/bowl you can make look pretty. Look around the house, I'm sure you will have something. Make sure the container is sturdy and will not tip over with weight on the top
  • Tissue paper, shredded paper or anything which will hide the sponge, like large pebbles etc

INSTRUCTIONS When using a small unused pot
  • Cut the sponge to fit the width of the pot, do the width at the top of the pot so it will fit tight and squashed
  • Place the small offcut of the sponge in the bottom of the pot and the fitted sponge on top. This now should be firm and not move
  • Place your food pop sticks in the sponge to make any arrangement you like. Push down firmly to pierce the sponge. Do this before your party and at the time you are setting up the food table.
  • Hide the sponge with shredded paper, pebbles or anything that will work with your party's style and theme.

Place it on your party table and you are good to go. Hope you found this tutorial helpful with your party food preparation.

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What is your favourite Desert Party table hack? 
Let me know below in the comments 

& Stay smiling 


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