8 Reasons why Crafting is good for your mind, body & soul

Why is crafting good for your health and why you should start that dream craft project now!

Creating things with your own hands has been proven to leave you happier, get your body moving, clears your mind and can relax you. I am going to share with you 8 reasons why picking up an old craft or learning a new one is great for your mind, body and soul.

People of all cultures have been creating since the beginning of time, from basket weaving & tool making for survival, to today's crafting of people sharing traditional and new crafts from around the world via the internet.

Many believe crafting is for little old ladies but this is far from the truth. Today young people are creating their own style and sharing their Fashion DIYs on TikTok, Parents are upcycling old clothing or creating heirloom toys for their children, People are designing their own Macrame wall hangings for home decor and even children are learning traditional crafts from their grandparents or parents while half the world is in lockdown.

Crafting is anything you make. Creating with your hands can be something as small as doodling in a notebook, decorating a cake, wood crafting or sketching on a digital tablet. 

There is no rule about what crafts are, 
the only rule is to imagine & create.



That's right it really does!
If you ever need to get your mind away from that crazy work colleague, your child's constant calling you "MUM, MUM, MUMMmmmm"  or you just need to unwind and clear your mind from your daily busy schedule then crafting is for you.

Our daily stress levels can get very high and let's be honest we never slow down. A little bit of crafting daily will slowly relax you and before you know it, you will be calmer and have created a handmade masterpiece you would never have completed before.

When we reduce our stress, we help our blood pressure levels, we sleep better, are calmer and one of my favourite reasons, reduce the grey hair popping through. Well that one isn't proven but let's go with it, I need to believe that haha


Repetitive movements are known to calm the brain and reduce anxiety and can help with depression by keeping your mind focused. Cross-stitching, crocheting, knitting and beading are great examples of craft activities that are repetitive and calming.

A few of my friends are loving Macrame at the moment and have all said that they feel better while they are creating their pieces and when finished feel satisfied and joyful. My friends say it's their meditation time when they can escape life and just focus on their knotting.

It is very hard for most people to shut off their minds from the stress of daily life, so find a craft that suits you and does not stress you out as there are also some projects that may do your head in and make you want to throw across the room. Avoid those ones! Cake Decorating is my angry craft, as much as I love the end result, my stress levels go through the roof knowing people have to actually eat my creation. No one ever eats my handmade Jewellery so I am calm making those lol

Some calming crafts are Hand Embroidery, Macrame, and Wool projects like Knitting, Painting or Drawing, Jewellery Making, Weaving, Stamping and Scrapbooking.


Local craft groups or social craft gatherings are in most small towns & big cities for all different categories of crafting and age groups. It can be hard to meet new people if you have moved to a new town, or after you have had a child and feel a little isolated. Sometimes even after finishing High School or  University, you need to just meet some new people who have similar interests as you.

These groups are perfect to meet new people, feel part of a community and learn some new skills. Some of these craft groups also work with local charities or hospitals to make items to raise money for charity craft stalls and even knit or sew toys for the Children's ward of the local hospitals.

I know local craft groups in my area knit bears for brave children who have to get needles for blood tests. Another wonderful craft group sew tiny baby gowns out of recycled donated wedding dresses for babies who have become angels. There are many groups who donate their projects to Charities like the Salvation Army etc

My Daughter has attended a local group where she learns Traditional Aboriginal Weaving Techniques that are passed down to females in the community and taught by an Aunty. Because my husband's family had to deny their Aboriginal heritage for a few generations due to racism etc, the family have lost connection with their culture. So by attending traditional workshops and learning traditional art, she can reconnect, learn and hopefully pass it down to her children.

You can find craft groups through your local council, charities, churches, community centres and online. Facebook noticeboard groups for your area and a great way to ask your community what is available. 
If you can not find a crafting group in your town, why not create your own!


Everyone at some point in their lives has wanted to try some fun project but are either too scared they are not skilled enough or feel that it will take too long to learn so why bother. I am here to tell you that you are good enough and how do you know you can not learn a new skill unless you try. We tell our children this all the time, so why don't we listen to our own advice?

You would be amazed at how quickly you will pick up your desired craft. Sure you may not be able to sew a quilted masterpiece overnight, but really who can? But I know you will be able to master that small sewing project like taking up the hem on your pants in a week and by a month you will be able to sew a tote bag for your shopping trips. The best way to approach learning a new skill is by taking small steps at a time, easy projects you can master and a positive attitude that you can do it. You may have to unpick that hem 3 times because you hate it but we have all been there. Trust me the number of sleeves I have sewn the wrong way out and have unpicked is more than I can count on 2 hands LOL

There are many free ways to learn crafts online, Tutorial on Youtube, forums like Lettucecraft have lots of DIY's and people like myself who share their knowledge and skills by making tutorials for you. You can find lots of projects on Pinterest which has an easy search feature with so many ideas & DIY's your mind will blow.


As we all get older we start to forget little things and do the same routines day in and day out. This isn't our fault, we are busy people, who have little time to do all those mind-stimulating activities like puzzles and Sudoku that experts have recommended for us to do that prevent dementia and more memory loss. I am hopeless at Sudoko so even if I had time I wouldn't do it, oops. Lucky I craft instead!

So this is where the good news comes in. Studies have shown that crafting stimulates the brain as much as any brain teaser and helps with keeping your mind alert and active. So say goodbye to your memory loss and hello to sewing your puppy that hamburger costume you have been daydreaming of.


As a child, we are born to ask questions and grow up creating different imaginary worlds with our toys and making art and stories that are creative, magical and sometimes a little crazy. But as we grow older, we slowly lose our dreams, stop drawing or storytelling and get stuck doing routines and looking after others.

When you craft as an adult you bring out your creative juices once again and get a thrill out of thinking up your next project, figuring out how you will create your project and actually making it. You will start imagining projects that you didn't think possible and you will start seeing your brain think differently towards even everyday tasks and problem-solving. This will help you in your work life, studies and home life.


We all have a problem with sitting on our phones or tablets daily, don't get me wrong this is a great way to stay in touch with your family and friends and catch up on your latest favourite blog post but scrolling Instagram or Facebook for hours is not great for our eyes or butt. Eye strain from screens is making more of us wear glasses and sitting down for hours is terrible for our leg circulation and fitness. 

When you are actively creating a project, you are moving around more and your eyes are not suffering. Unless it's midnight and you just want to finish that last embroidery flower and you are so tired you can not see the hole lol that could just be me though so disregard that. 


There is so much joy when you have created a craft project for the first time, hey even the 100th time. The satisfaction you get is hard to explain. Who needs drugs when you craft! Maybe that will be my new quote lol, as you do get a natural high when you make something with your hands.

I love making handmade gifts that are personalised and knowing the recipient will adore them. Funny inside joke gifts are my favourite thing to do, if there is a chance to make someone laugh I will take it.

Some easy Handmade gifts to make which people love and will make you smile are Candles, Hoop Art, Printed T-shirts, Stenciling goods and Crocheted Baby Blankets. Or why not learn to sew some fabric face masks to keep you are your family safe, it will save you money making them and make you smile. Okay under a mask so no one will see, but smiling inside is just as important lol

So what are you waiting for? Pull out your knitting needles in your lunch break, start that beading project you have been wishing you could do off Pinterest, make your own jewellery, book yourself and your friends into that wine painting class or just pick up a blank book and start Journaling.

Some Easy Crafts for you to get started\

What is your favourite craft to do? 
Let me know below in the comments

Keep creative & smiling


Crafting projects to try are Drawing, quilting, papercraft, sewing, photography, cake decorating, stamping, jewellery making, beading, knitting, crochet, weaving, macrame, yarn, fashion design, pattern making, fabric screen printing, painting, scrapbooking, paper, origami, wood carving, bone carving, leatherwork 

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