Cheap & Easy FAIRY Headband Tutorial from a Hawaiian Lei

Floral Fairy Headband

With the children being home in isolation, creative playtime is even more important than ever to keep the kids busy. This simple and effective Fairy headband can be made quickly, cheaply and also by the kids, the perfect combo for homeschooling. 
This pretty headband is made from a dollar-store Hawaiian party Lei and will brighten up any boring day. The floral Lei's come in so many colours and flower shapes that it's easy to create different headbands for any magical fairy you can dream of.

They are just lovely for fairy birthday parties, dress-up costumes or even little gifts to make for a toddler.

Approx 15 mins

  • - Hawaiian Lei's in the colours of your choice.
  • - Ribbon in any colour you choose or have
  • - Flower or plain shape craft gems
  • - Craft Glue


  • Pull apart your Lei and place it flat on a table in groups of sizes and colours
  • Cut your ribbon to fit around the head, with enough overhang to make a nice bow at the back of the head
  • Start arranging the flowers on the ribbon to make your design. Start with one in the centre. Once you are happy with your combo, glue it to the ribbon.
  • Glue craft gems to the centre of each flower to finish the headband off and add some sparkle for a true Fairy look.

You may remember the Easy Fairy Wings Tutorial which features lots of photos of girls of all ages wearing these adorable headbands, so many fairies to inspire you and get creative. They are so pretty on and really are super simple to make. The perfect DIY for young girls to get crafting.

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