DIY Easy Baby Bird for Easter & Christmas craft projects

It's Easter time again, which means lots of chocolate, family time, happiness, and the long weekend off work, I work every weekend so this is huge 😂😂 and best of all it's Crafting time!!!

Here is a super easy baby bird you can make for the children's school Easter Parade hats or Spring Bonnets, your table setting decor or it even is so simple it becomes a kid's craft project to get them off their devices and make and create some adorable magic. It is also so versatile it becomes Christmas tree decorations or pretty decor for your festive fireplace mantel.

So grab your glue and let's get started on this 5 min craft!
Full DIY picture tutorial below

First up grab your supplies, which isn't much trust me!

  • Craft Feathers
  • Premade Pom Poms, I used glitter ones
  • Aluminium foil
  • Glue, craft glue for kids or Hot Glue gun for adults

For one Bird you only need
  • 2 small feathers
  • 2 or 3 longer feathers
  • a small square of aluminium foil
  • a small amount of glue
I used all the same colours but different colour feathers mixed together would create some fun bright tropical baby birds

Step 1
Glue your longer feathers to the bottom of your larger Pom Pom

Step 2
Glue on the small Pom Pom to make the head

Step 3
On each side of Pom Pom, glue on smaller feathers.
You can trim with scissors once the glue is dry if they look too full or big

Step 4
Make your Beak

  • Cut a small square of foil (approx the same size as your large pompom)
  • Fold into a triangle and keep folding until it looks like the size you want for the beak
  • Bend the triangle to create a beak shape
  • Glue to the head of the bird/small pom pom

And you are done! You can glue some sequins for the eyes but I wanted a clean simple look for another craft project I will post this week. Okay it's a beautiful Easter Parade Hat I can not wait to share with you all, I am so excited about it, I can't even keep it secret, I just want to squeal haha

Happy Crafting!

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