Forearm Pin-up girl tattoo

I received a lovely message asking to see the tattoo I have on my arm, I normally would not post this on here as I am trying to keep it informative and DIYish lol but seem as thought the lovely Katy asked for it, I will post tonight while I have nothing else to post :) I do not have many photos tbh of my arm and the above is not the best photo, just one I posted on my Facebook a while ago.

The artwork is by the talent artist Karl Kaufmann, who designed and tattooed my arm. Go and buy some of his amazing lowbrow pieces, you wont be disappointed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend


  1. So cute!!! I am thinking to carve one as well!!! x

  2. Girl ! I just found you blog and it is AMAZING !! I love your tutorials !! Seriously... great stuff

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    1. wow thanks so much, your comment has encouraged me to keep going oxo

  3. You tattoo is amazing. Not only the design but how it is made, so flawless.
    Andrea in Fashion

  4. She looks amazing. The tattooist did a fantastic job. She looks exactly like the original art. YAY!