Easy nail art with markers | BEAUTY DIY

Quick Nail art post today with a not-so-great photo, my hands look weird & this was the only photo that was not blurry 😀

Here is a quick example of how you can use your permanent markers/Sharpies to decorate your nails. 

I normally use an actual nail pen or the polish but I could not get the purple nail polish to work very well, it was just too inconsistent. My 8-year-old thought of using the markers and I was amazed they worked so well. If you let them dry enough the clear topcoat goes on smoothly but I did notice that if you put too much topcoat on it bleeds a little so, do some test runs to see what works for you.

The patterns I drew on my nails were for fun and testing, I am sure you can be more creative than me LOL Make sure you do a few coats of your normal nail polish before applying the permanent markers, you do not want them to stain your actual nails. I think you could achieve some creative fashion looks and it's so easy!! My thumb nail I did in a checkered pattern, I wish you could see it in this photo, it's pretty awesome 😁


What unusual method have you used to decorate your nails? 
Let me know below in the comments 


  1. Great idea, love it! I should try this. I love nail art, but I'm so bad doing it!!

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