DIY Galaxy leggings Video tutorial

I finally got some time to edit the DIY Galaxy tights video & upload it to YouTube tonight. This video is to go with a previous tutorial I posted on how to make your own designer Galaxy leggings. I made a few errors on the video edit but just ignore that, I don't want to load it up to YouTube for another 30 minutes, my internet is so slow at the moment. Also ignore my hair, clothing etc.... I was spray painting 😁

I hope this answers some questions about how I sprayed and blended the colours.

Previous Tutorial LINK
Youtube video LINK


  1. I want to do galaxy print on leggins too! Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. no worries :)

      If you try this let me know how you go oxo

  2. Loved the tutorial, can't wait to get to work on my leggins, but I have a question, what happens if you stretch the leggins, does the paint breaks? or keeps the same kind of texture?

    1. Glad you liked it :)
      Well the paint has not broke/cracked etc because I sprayed while stretched to fit the body. The paint also does not sit on top of the fabric, it absorbs all the way through.

      The stretch pants I used was average thickness with an average stretch and if I pull them now, wider than what they are on the body they do not crack, it just is slightly faded as fabric is stretched. The trick is to paint the pants while wearing as then they are pre stretched :)
      thanks for visiting

  3. Where did you get your black leggings?

  4. Hi Anon,

    your message has disappeared?? but anyway about your question on where I brought the leggings from.

    I am from Australia and brought them from a shop called Trade Secret on a sale rack, they where a label brand, I can not remember what.

    But you can buy these days cheaply from Kmart, BigW, all the fashion stores like Supre, Ice etc. If you are not from Oz then I am not sure what store but Ebay have them cheap

    Use 'wet look liquid shiny leggings pants' in google and you should find some near you :)

    Goodluck x