How to make your own vinyl necklace

Working with Vinyl records can be tricky if you don't know how, so I am going to show you some little tips on how you can use these beautiful records and recycle them into some jewellery :)

- Record - 12 inch for this size necklace
- Craft knife
- Ruler
- Cooking paper
- Pencil
- Old cooking tray
- Candle
- Thick needle
- Jewellery findings
6mm + 4mm rings & chain

With a pencil (this will rub out later) mark out your design. Remember this is tricky to cut clean so don't be too fancy with your design.

Once you have marked the design, place on cooking paper/tray and plut in pre-heated oven that is on a low temp. I had mine at 150 degrees. If you go too hot the record with burn and toxic fumes may come off it which would be bad :(

So on low temp place in oven and after a few minutes pull tray out to quickly cut. 

Once the record has been in the oven for a few minutes you quickly place your ruler on top of the record and cut quick and hard along the edge, matching up to your pencil marks.

You will not be able to cut all lines at once as the record cools very quickly and goes hard, so keep putting in oven a few minutes at a time.

Be careful as the record and tray gets very very hot. Also vinyl plastic is toxic so be very very careful, wear a mask if possible and do not do in small enclosed area.

Once you have cut all your pieces, place back on to the cooking tray and warm the plastic again. While it is warm press down with some cardboard on top of each piece to completely flatten them. If you do not do this your piece may be slightly warped.

Once the pieces are flat and cool, place in order so you know where you need to place the holes for the final design. Do not do what I did and have one upside down (yes I am an idiot but lucky it was the middle one so for this tutorial it will still work out hehe)

Mark with your pencil where you want your holes.

Light your candle and place the safety pin over the flame to warm it up. Once it is hot you should be able to push the hot needle end through the plastic a few times. Keep heating it up for all the holes. Be careful not to burn your fingers as needle can get hot.

Your holes should be big enough to fit your jewellery findings through.

You can leave the design all black and original looking but if you would like some colour, maybe a neon pink for this season then place your pieces back together tape them up with some sticky tape and make a straight line.

Once you have the tape done you can paint. I just used some bright pink nail polish, it seemed to stick to the plastic okay but did take 4 coats.

Once dry pull off the tape and get your findings together.

 Using pliers place a 6mm ring in each hole and close gap over. Now join them all together with a smaller 4mm ring. Once that is done attach to chain. Check the length to suit what size suits you.

Pretty simple when you know how :)

It still even looks good back on the record player  with all my friends haha

I think this design can be altered to suit many fashion trends & can also be a good first DIY project on working and recycling old records.

Please only use records that are scratched up and not playable any more, never ruin a classic record, people collect these and the one you have may be rare as hell... even if it is some bad hillbilly folk talking weirdo from 1964... do not upcycle or cut up haha

Please do not use for resale or profit


  1. I looove the idea!! I think I'll try to do it. Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. Thanks, happy you like it, let me know how you go :)

  2. This is awesome! I love your blog! Definitely following now! Stay in touch and check out my new blog xx

    1. Thanks for the follow, I will come and stalk you now ;) lol

  3. Damn, that is so cool! And I have taken an axe to records, I know how hard they are to break apart so nicely done.

    1. haha yes they are hard to break I agree. Thanks so much Suzie :)