Eyeball & Blood horror cupcakes | HALLOWEEN FOOD DIY

This Halloween Gore cupcake was the result of some experimenting and having some weird fun with cupcakes... gooie blood & eyeballs? yes, please 😂

These were actually really easy to make, some red icing, marzipan for the eyeball that was rolled into a ball and some sweet sweet sticky blood to make it all more delightful..... mwahaha

These cakes would be perfect for any horror-themed party or Halloween.... or maybe just a scary Sunday treat while watching The Walking Dead. 


  • Fake Edible Blood, DIY HERE
  • Cupcakes flavour of your choice
  • Fondant
  • Frosting
  • Food colouring for your eye's pupil


  1. Cook your cupcakes or use premade ones
  2. Place red frosting on top of the cupcake, make it messy and textured looking and enough to hold up your eyeball
  3. Pour over the icing your fake edible blood
  4. Make your eyeball by rolling some fondant into a ball shape. Attach a squashed circle of fondant in the colour of an eye with water to stick. I used green food colouring mixed into the fondant. Colour in the centre of the eye with an edible black marker
  5. Place the eyeball onto the cupcake, ensuring it is balanced well
  6. Lightly drizzle eyeball vein lines onto the eye
Learn how to make the realistic edible BLOOD HERE
For some reason these cakes remind me of an old horror movie called DOLLS, when a character's eyeballs fall out or her head and land in the blood 😂 This scene is in the movie trailer right at the end, watch if you dare!

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Happy Halloween



  1. OMG! I'd freak out if I see the real one.

    1. haha it was hard to get the kids to eat them LOL

  2. Damn that looks scary hon hahaha... was it tasty? =) Hugs.

    1. haha they just tasted very very sweet, that much blood will do that ;) lol

      *HUGS* I hope you are well, I have been missing your posts, will heard over to your blog now before I go to bed oxo

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    1. That is fine babe, thanks for posting my post on your blog :)
      I will come and follow you, sorry I only speak english lol

  4. I really like your blog, it's so creative and original and I really like the tutorials!
    Sad that you don't know how to do this cupcakes, cause they look awesome!

    1. wow thanks so much babe that is really nice of you to say, makes me keep going and to create more things :)

      When I get a chance and some more marzipan I will do a Tutorial on how to make these for you oxo

  5. This in red can scare the shit out of anyone. Love it! Thanks for a super gruesome idea on what to serve on Halloween as a dessert. This seems a cool option.