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For the last week, my 8-year-old has been trying to convince me to buy her a Moshi Monster pencil case... with postage, it would have cost about $35... I don't think so! 😂😂

After unsuccessfully trying to con her father (everyone knows in my house Mum will not back down but Dad will...) she gave in and asked me to make her a plain pencil case so she could draw on it herself. Sure... sounds good to me! 

I can use some scrap fabric and a zip that is going to waste. It kept her quiet and I never have to hear about this $35 pencil case one again 😉

Here is a quick basic tutorial on how to make your own blank pencil case to draw on. 

DIY Supplies
  • Plain Calico 34cms x 50cms
  • Zipper the length of the case you will be making
  • Sewing machine 
Pencil case sewing Tutorial
  • Cut 2 rectangles
  • Fold over your long edge and pin your zipper in
  • Sew the zipper
  • Unzip the zipper halfway
  • Sew the sides and bottom of the pencil case
  • Turn the right way out
  • Get creative and let your child draw and colour in their new case. Place some cardboard inside when drawing so the markers do not bleed through to the other side
Side 1 above - Adventure time theme, one of her favourite cartoons.
 Side 2 below - Moshi Monster-inspired design.

This pencil case is pretty huge, she wanted it big enough to fit her school ruler in and throw a book in for school. 

Normal coloured texters were used even though I told her to use my Sharpies she didn't listen, Do they ever? but I must say the texters are better colours and surprisingly did not bleed into the calico fabric. This is not going to get washed so really it doesn't matter if they are permanent fabric markers or not.

This little project took me about 5 minutes to make the case but about 5 hours or more in total for her to draw on it.  I know she is a little perfectionist and I am not sure other kids would take this long but even if it's only 1 hour of creative quiet time that is keeping them off their gadgets then that's a win for everyone.

This would also be a great beginner sewing project for kids to learn the basic skills of using a machine.


Would your children love to make their own pencil case? 
Let me know below in the comments 


  1. Wow thats really nice =) Make me one lol.
    You are so good. =) Wish i could make those, or at least have the patient to try. =)
    Hope you have a good day/evening.

    1. I think you would be able to make one, alot ewasier than you think. I will do a tutorial for you one day :) hope you are having a nice weekend Jess x

  2. Really this case is so cute,i want this pencil case.Thanks for sharing important post with us.