Leopard print nails - internet vs reality

There are so many leopard nails around at the moment and they are all so amazing! I thought there was no way I would be able to achieve this myself as painting nails is not my best skill around until I seen this cool and easy looking tutorial on Pinterest which lead me to a fun blog called The Polish Medic which is all about nails and nail art. If it was not for this tutorial I would not have tried this out, so I am super happy now as it sort of worked, with practice I am sure I could get it looking pretty good... so happy dance time!!! woo hoooo.......

 I can not even say what nail polish I used, just some random ones that was in the cupboard. Base coat was a minty pastel green shade, the random dots was a bright pink and just basic black for the pattern. I did my top coat with a diamond crystal clear polish but I did not wait long enough and so it smudged some of my black :-( It also may be just a little bit to shiny with the speckles of glitter but I am still happy with the result. yes it could be a lot better but it is definitely not a fail, I even received a compliment tonight that they looked good and the person thought they were the stickers hehe fucking score!!!!!

Conclusion to this internet vs reality is that YES you can get this look, it is an easy and fun DIY project to try at home <3

The featured leopard nails that are pictured as part of my internet inspiration is from the Sunday Manicures blog. Check out some of the amazing nail art she creates! 
For how to instructions just follow this Tutorial by The Polish Medic, it is that easy :)


  1. I love leopard nails! I do mine like that often, so fun!

    1. You are so cool Nat <3

      Hope you are felling better babe xx