TACO Cupcakes to make on a boring day | BAKING INSPO

Did you say Taco's  Cupcakes? Oh Yeah!

My Daughter is obsessed with Tacos, I mean crazy obsessed to the point it drives me nuts... Tacos make me ill and I won't even cook them so my husband gets that duty as the rest of the family enjoy them (which is a Gluten-free version in this house)

Tonight there was GF Spaghetti bolognese on the menu for dinner, again I do not eat this nor do I cook it 😂 anyway my daughter decided that she wanted Spaghetti bolognese Tacos?? as if my nightmare couldn't get any worse, both mixed together..

Well, it was a success apparently, I should have taken some pictures but I was avoiding the kitchen as much as possible. I really didn't want to be near this horror meal 😂😅

The top photo is a cupcake I made for my daughter the other day as a surprise, she squealed when she saw it and thought it was the bomb!

I made the Taco shell out of Fondant, put brown and green frosting inside and made the cheese out of little bits of yellow fondant.


Have you made any crazy themed cupcakes? 
Let me know below in the comments 

I would love to see your creations,
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  1. Hahaha haha we had Taco´s tonight... I like it, but only as a weekend meal. =) The kids loves it for some reason, like home made fast food. =).

    I find it ok now and then. =)
    Ye I have to eat Gluten free time to time... dont know why its just time to time. But life is weird.
    Hope you have a great day. =)

    1. lol what a coincidence you had them too!!

      My husband has coeliac disease so its easier just to do all main meals gluten free, I think though sometimes our bodies need a break from gluten as too much wheat now bloats me up lol and we don't want that! haha


  2. Your daughter sounds rad and so are those cupcakes. Who doesn't like tacos? I would eat them for every meal if I could.