DIY Moshi Monster Party Invitations

My Daughters birthday has come up so fast and I promised her a Moshi Monster party but of course I left things to late and forgot to order the pre-made party invites from the UK... errrr 
So today it was a mad rush to get some invites designed and made and still make the Birthday girl happy haha Below is a brief Tutorial on how to make some simple, cheap yet effective party invite.

First thing you need to do is design your invite. I used Adobe Photoshop  
Get on the internet and find a clear and simple picture which suits your theme. I needed a Moshi Monster design so it was easy to find something suitable. I asked my daughter to choose the font, she liked AR BONNIE and said she wanted each letter a different colour, which was a cute idea and worked well.
Make sure you make the page image size to match the card you are using so when you print it, it fits perfectly. Use same font and page size to write up your details of event for the inside of the card. Stick to the same theme and colours.
Once finished print your design according to how many invitations you need.

Things you need
- Blank cards & envelopes (I brought some cheap packets from a $2 shop)
- Printer and blank paper
- Cutting mat
- Ruler
- Stanley Knife
- Glue stick that dries clear

So once printed all you have to do is measure where you need to cut so they fit onto the blank card. I marked my cutting mat with a texter for quick cutting. When you are cutting make sure you hold the ruler and knife firmly and press down hard to avoid slipping and cutting yourself.

Next is basically just gluing the paper cut outs onto the blank cards. You could measure them and stick on perfectly but I just glued by eye.

AND YOU ARE DONE!!! simple isn't it? and really not much work, easy to do yourself at home on a quiet afternoon :)
You could add embellishments or anything you like really but for a 8 year old really you don't need much, its not a wedding!!

The envelopes was a last thought and was a quick hand drawn Moshi using a Sharpie Marker with each child's name on it. If I had planned this I would have just printed the envelopes but never-mind.

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